CBO Financial Services

DYCD is committed to providing funded Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) with effective fiscal management tools.

Budget Review & Risk Management
The Budget Review Unit ensures that all budgets and budget modifications submitted by CBO providers are in compliance with New York City and DYCD rules and regulations regarding budgetary requirements and fiscal accountability.
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CAFD Payment Unit
DYCD utilizes a financial document called the Program Expenses Report Summary (PERS) to detail and track expenditures of funded CBO providers for goods and services. DYCD fiscal staff evaluates the information detailed on the PERS form to determine whether the expenses submitted are appropriate for its contracted services, and are within the approved budget.  Learn more

Contract Agency Audit

The Contract Agency Audit Unit oversees and monitors Certified Public Accountant (CPA) audits and scheduled audits, follows-up on Fiscal Field Reviews, and issues Corrective Action Plans. 
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CAFD Help Desk

Provides technical support and additional services regarding CBO PERS submissions, training, and general inquiries.   Learn more

The Payee Information Portal (PIP) of the City of New York

PIP was designed to facilitate vendor record maintenance and payment reconciliation. Now vendors can research their payments online.   Learn more

Form Index

Index of all fiscal manuals and guides, submission documents, and supplementary documentation from current and previous fiscal years.   Learn more