American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

WIA ARRA Contractors

How to Report 

Contractors will report job data on the Personnel Services Roster within PB/MFR  as part of their monthly MFR (Monthly Financial Reports) process. 

Please note:  the hours entered on this form will NOT affect payment in any way.    The hours reported on the Personnel Services Roster  are used solely to calculate ARRA jobs.

On this roster, contractors will list each of their employees whose jobs are paid for in part or in full using ARRA funds, and the number of hours they were paid using ARRA funds.  Hours must be entered for full time, part time, and seasonal employees.  All jobs paid in full or in part by ARRA should be entered, even those which you have decided do not fall into the created or retained category; there will be a space for you to enter “Not Applicable” for such jobs.

If a salary is partially paid with ARRA, the hours should be entered proportionately, i.e., a full-time salary 10% funded with ARRA would have 3.5 hours per week entered.  Please try to account for overtime hours worked.

On the roster contractors will also indicate if the position is:

  • Created or retained or not applicable
  • Full time, part time, or seasonal

Contractors should do their best to list all hours funded in the month covered by the MFR, even though it may cross pay periods.  If a contractor has already submitted MFRs through PB/MFR  for ARRA expenses, the Personnel Services Roster must be completed for those earlier MFRs.

When and What to Report 

Contractors are responsible for reporting the following for the first quarter ending September 30, 2009:

  • WIA ARRA SYEP:  SYEP contractors who received WIA ARRA funds have contracts that started April 1.  Seasonal staff who hired between April 1 and June 30, to prepare for the summer program and were paid through WIA ARRA must be reported for the first quarter.  The PB/MFR system have been modified to allow you to identify created or retained jobs for this first quarter.
  • WIA ARRA non-SYEP:  For WIA contractors of Out of School Youth and In School Youth contractors, there will be no job data to report for the first quarter.

Contractors are responsible for reporting the following for the second quarter ending December 31, 2009:

All WIA ARRA:  Jobs created or retained with ARRA funds must be reported for all programs.  This includes the SYEP, Out of School Youth and In School Youth programs, and the Parks Opportunity Program.  Again, only staff jobs should be reported.  Participant jobs with subsidized wages will be reported separately by DYCD.