American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

CSBG ARRA Contractors

How to Report 

For purposes of reporting ARRA job data ONLY, contractors must email an electronic copy of the PERS form  to:  On this form, contractors will report ALL jobs paid in part or in full with ARRA funds, regardless of whether they are created or retained through ARRA, or are simply partially allocated to ARRA.  Only the Excel version of the PERS  (which can be downloaded from the DYCD website) will be accepted.  

Please note that the electronic copy of the PERS   does not have a place for contractors to indicate the category of ARRA job:  created, retained, or partially allocated to ARRA.  DYCD will send to applicable contractors in the next few weeks a separate form on which each of the jobs listed in the electronic PERS form can be categorized.

In addition to the electronic ARRA PERS, the regular, hard copy PERS form must be mailed as usual in order to generate payments on the ARRA budget.  They should be mailed to: 

Department of Youth and Community Development
Attn:  CAFD – PERS Unit
156 William Street
New York, NY 10038

Then email a copy of that same PERS to:

Contractors of OST and Beacon programs will not have to determine which jobs are created or retained. DYCD is making an across-the-board determination that all jobs paid for with CSBG ARRA will be considered retained.  This applies ONLY to OST and Beacon CSBG ARRA funded programs.

When and What to Report

  • No job data to report for the first quarter ending September 30, 2009.

Contractors are responsible for reporting the following for the second quarter ending December 31, 2009:

Jobs created or retained with ARRA funds must be reported for all programs.  This includes Fatherhood, YAIP, Literacy programs, and Immigrant Domestic Violence programs.  SYEP providers receiving CSBG ARRA should report only if they have hired or retained staff with the funds.  SYEP participant jobs will be reported separately by DYCD.