Public Hearings on Federal Funding to Combat Poverty

Public hearings will be held in all five boroughs beginning June 1st on the allocation of federal Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) funding to combat poverty and support community-based human services programs.

Low-income neighborhoods designated as eligible for CSBG funding are called Neighborhood Development Areas (NDAs), and are represented by Neighborhood Advisory Boards (NABs), comprised of residents who are appointed by DYCD and elected officials. DYCD oversees a wide range of NDA initiatives, including programs for middle school- and high school-aged youth, seniors, housing, immigration, adult literacy, and healthy families.

The public hearings are a great opportunity for concerned residents of low-income communities to participate in the decision-making process, and make their voices heard about where and how these precious resources should be distributed. DYCD also encourages interested residents to join their local NAB by contacting the DYCD Neighborhood Advisory Board Liaison Unit at 212-442-5880. Residents also can call for more information on the upcoming hearings and to determine whether they live in an NDA.

Click here for a schedule of the upcoming hearings (in PDF)