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DSNY Snow Removal Designation

DSNY Snow Removal Designation

To formulate an effective snow removal response, roadways are designated as Primary, Secondary and Tertiary. Each year, as part of pre-season preparations, street designations are reviewed and updated in accordance with the DSNY Public Street Snow Removal Classification criteria.

Streets are plowed and spread to treat icy road conditions in order of strategic priority as follows:  

PRIMARY STREET - Any street that is:

  • A main traffic artery, main thoroughfare or a lifeline street such as highways, expressways, drives or bridges;

  • Feeder approaches to, and exits from bridges, tunnels, ferries, highways, airports;

  • All bus routes, private and city owned;

  • Streets which have located upon them facilities such as FDNY fire houses, NYPD police stations, hospitals, nursing homes, newspaper plants, fuel distribution depots, transportation terminals, and schools;

  • All streets within CONCENTRATED food-produce, industrial, financial, theatrical-amusement, shopping, hospital or maritime (passenger and freight) areas;

  • All Snow Emergency Streets so designated by the Department of Transportation.

SECONDARY STREET - Any street that is:

  • Reasonably heavily trafficked but not a primary street;

  • Used as an alternate route for a primary street;

  • The short length of residential area streets that feed into primary streets;

TERTIARY STREETS - All other streets not heavily trafficked and not considered primary or secondary streets, including, but not limited to dead-end streets.

Non-DSNY - The NYC Department of Sanitation is not responsible for snow removal on these streets.