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Registration Begins for Emergency Snow Laborers to Clear Snow and Ice After Major Winter Storms

Recruitment has begun for emergency snow laborers for the upcoming snow season. Snow laborers are per diem workers who are called upon to remove snow and ice citywide from bus stops, crosswalks, fire hydrants and step streets in the City after heavy snowfalls. Individuals can register at DSNY garages or select Department of Transportation locations. The list of DSNY garage locations can be found here. The pay rate begins at $12 per hour, and increases to $18 after the first 40 hours in the week. For more information, and DOT locations, read the press release below.

Read the Press Release

Night Plow Begins

Sanitation Commissioner Kathryn Garcia announced that the DSNY will begin its annual “Night Plow” operations on November 10. Night Plow enables DSNY to respond promptly and effectively to snow and ice conditions around the clock.

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Looking to Dispose of Motor Oil, Paint, Batteries, or Other Potentially Hazardous Household Materials?

Starting Saturday, November 1, DSNY will re-open a “special waste” drop-off site in Manhattan. The new location, now at 74 Pike Slip, joins drop-off sites in the other boroughs in providing all city residents a place to easily, and safely, dispose of potentially harmful household products such as motor oil, latex paint and batteries.

Find the full list of drop-off locations

Faces of DSNY: Every Employee Matters

At the NYC Department of Sanitation, we strive to create a work environment which is inclusive of all our employees. This video highlights not only the diversity of our workforce, but also the many job titles represented at DSNY.

What's New
The Manhattan Special Waste Drop-Off Site is Now Open

Commissioner Garcia presents preliminary report on expanding organics collection pilot to Mayor and City Council

DSNY Proposed Refrigerant Recovery Rule - 2nd Hearing Notice PDF (315KB)

Read the DSNY 2013 Annual Report PDF (7.3MB)

Hearing on Proposed Amendments to Impound Rule PDF (95KB)

Notice of Adoption of Final Rules Designating Rigid Plastic Items as Recyclable Materials for Collection By DSNY PDF (38KB)

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