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Missed Collection - Bundled Wood
For NYC Residents Only
You can tell us about your request here on the Internet OR
by calling the New York City Citizen Service Center at 3-1-1.
Javascript must be enabled in order to submit a valid request.

Missed Collection - Bundled Wood
PLEASE NOTE: Sanitation will collect a maximum of six bundles from one address.
* denotes required field
Where are the bundles located?

* Boro: 

* Street Address: 

* Between Streets: 

* Is the address a multi-dwelling residence? 
(three or more families) 

   Yes No

* Special Location Instructions: 

* Are the bundles still at the above location? 

   Yes No


Additional Questions

* What is the date of the missed collection? 



* Was this your collection day? 

   Yes No

You may check your Collection Schedule



* Was your collection day a holiday? 

   Yes No

You may check your Holiday Collection Schedule



* Were the bundles placed curbside between 5pm (4pm on Fridays - October through April) and midnight of the previous night? 

   Yes No


* Was the bundled wood cut to four feet length and free of nails? 

   Yes No


* How many bundles are there to be collected? 


If necessary, how can we contact you?

* Name: 

* Daytime Telephone Number including Area Code: 

* E-mail Address: