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Apartment Owner/Manager Recycling Violation
For NYC Residents Only
You can tell us about your request here on the Internet OR
by calling the New York City Citizen Service Center at 3-1-1.
Javascript must be enabled in order to submit a valid request.

Apartment Owner/Manager Recycling Violation Service Request
Building owners must provide storage areas for receptacles and recyclables, post signs and remove mixed trash from recyclables. To report a violation, please complete and submit the following form:
* denotes required field
What is the address of the building?
* Boro:
* Street Address:
* Between Streets:
* Type of Violation: No access to recycling area
  No recycling signs posted
  No recycling area
  No recycling containers
  Recycling not being sorted
If necessary, how can we contact you?
I would like to remain anonymous
My contact information is as follows:
Daytime Telephone Number including Area Code:
E-mail Address: