Department of Sanitation - New York City
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Department of Sanitation - New York City Department of Sanitation - New York City


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CFC/Freon Recovery Appointment Request
For NYC Residents Only
You can tell us about your request here on the Internet OR
by calling the New York City Citizen Service Center at 3-1-1.

Animal Requests
Canine Violation - Failure to remove canine waste or unleashed canine.
Dead Animal Removal - Request removal of dead animal from public street or area.

Litter Basket Requests
Adopt-A-Basket Request - Request for Adopt-A-Basket Program.
Improper Use of a Public Litter Basket - Dumping of commercial or household refuse in public litter basket.
Overflowing Public Litter Basket - Public litter basket that is currently overflowing with refuse.
Public Litter Basket Request - Request a public litter basket to be placed on a street corner.

Public Street and Sidewalk Requests
Backyard or Alleyway Violation - Backyards, courts, alleys and airshafts must be kept clean of debris at all times.
Dirty Curbside Violation - Residential property owners must keep curbside area clean up to 18 inches to the street.
Dirty Sidewalk Violation - Residential property owners are responsible for the cleanliness of the sidewalk in front of and adjacent to their property.
Obstruction on Street or Sidewalk - Illegally placed box, barrel, bale of merchandise or other moveable property (not including collection bins) on a street or sidewalk.
Loose Rubbish Violation - Rubbish such as newspapers, loose papers and cardboard cartons must be flattened and securely tied when put out for collection.
Weed Removal - Sprouting weeds in public areas that are causing an obstruction or creating an unsafe condition.
Illegal Poster Violation - Signs, posters, or stickers posted on public property or upon any fixtures located on public property.

Receptacle Requests
Improper Disposal of Refuse - Use of receptacles of another person or placement of refuse in front of another person's premises.
Failure to Properly Store Receptacles - Receptacles that are placed out prior to collection day or before 5pm on the evening before collection or that are not removed after collection.
Overflowing, Broken or Uncovered Receptacles - Building owners are required to provide adequate receptacles for collection.
Collection Bin Removal Request - Request removal of clothing, shoe, or similar collection bins from a public street or area.

Recycling Violations
Apartment Owner/Manager Recycling Violation - Building owners must provide storage areas for receptacles and recyclables, post signs and remove mixed trash from recyclables.
Apartment Tenant Recycling Violation - All tenants are required to recycle and separate regular garbage from recycling materials in properly colored and labeled receptacles.
Commercial Recycling Violation - Commercial businesses in NYC are required to recycle certain designated materials; to notify employees, building tenants, and (where required) customers; and to place labeled recycling containers where recyclables are routinely discarded.
Report Recyclable Material Theft  - Report Recyclable Material Theft.

Other Requests
Commercial Waste Disposal Decal Violation - Commercial businesses are required to post a waste disposal decal.
Sanitation Truck Spillage - Department of Sanitation truck spillage which was not cleaned up by the crew.
Volunteer Clean Up Program (5.42MB) PDF - Volunteer Clean Up

Citizen Complaints for Lawn Litter Violations -"Lawn Litter" Law, allows property owners to post a sign in a visible area in front of their homes to let advertisers know not to place unsolicited advertising material on their property.