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Commercial Recycling Violation
For NYC Residents Only
You can tell us about your request here on the Internet OR
by calling the New York City Citizen Service Center at 3-1-1.
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Commercial Recycling Violation Service Request
Commercial businesses in NYC are required to recycle certain designated materials; to notify employees, building tenants, and (where required) customers; and to place labeled recycling containers where recyclables are routinely discarded.  For complete recycling requirements for NYC businesses see Recycling in Business. To report a violation, please complete and submit the following form:
* denotes required field
Where is the business located?
* Boro:
* Street Address:
* Between Streets:
* What is the name of the business?
* Type of business (check all that apply):
  Food and beverage service establishment
  Cafeteria or cafe operated within multi-tenant commercial office building
  Multi-tenant commercial office building
  Retail (non-food)
  Other (manufacturing, industrial)

* Type of Violation (check all that apply):
  Designated recyclables not separated from garbage
  No labeled recycling containers for designated metal, glass, and plastic items (food service operations)
  No labeled recycling containers for designated paper items (other businesses)
  No corrugated cardboard recycling (all businesses)
  No recycling notices posted
*Violation applies to the following party (check all that apply):
  Commercial tenant
Name of commercial tenant:
  Retail store
Name of retail store:
  Building Management
Name of building management company:

Tenants or occupants of commercial premises must separate designated recyclable materials from regular trash, following their office or building's recycling program.  Tenants or occupants must notify their employees, customers, and clients of applicable source separation requirements.  Businesses must also post signs and/or provide labeled containers for recycling.

Building management must set up an on-premise recycling program, including providing containers and posting signs in maintenance areas to inform maintenance of recycling requirements.  Building managers must also give tenants and employees written notice of recycling requirements. 

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