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Service Requests | NYC Rechargeable Battery Law Violation


For NYC Residents Only
You can tell us about your request here on the Internet OR
by calling the New York City Citizen Service Center at 3-1-1.
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NYC Rechargeable Battery Law Violation Service Request
Retailers that sell rechargeable batteries or products containing rechargeable batteries in NYC are required to accept rechargeable batteries for recycling during normal business hours, no purchase necessary. In addition, they must post a sign near the store entrance stating that they accept these batteries for recycling. For complete requirements for NYC retailers see NYC Rechargeable Battery Law - Retailer Requirements. To report a violation, please complete and submit the following form:

Please Note: This law went into effect December 2006; however DSNY's legal enforcement does not begin until June 2007.

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Please Note: Small food stores, with under 14,000 square feet of display space, are not required to accept rechargeable batteries.
 Retail - Electronics/Computer
 Retail - Hardware
 Retail - Office Supply
 Retail - Toys/Games
 Retail - Pharmacy
 Retail - Convenience
 Retail - Large Grocer
 Retail - General/Variety
 Other (please explain)
Does the store sell rechargeable batteries or products that contain rechargeable batteries?  Yes   No
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 No receptacle for the collection of used rechargeable batteries.
 No rechargeable battery collection notice posted
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