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Tire Disposal Program

The Department of Sanitation will accept up to four (4) tires from passenger cars at any of its garages located throughout New York City. Tires can be brought to a garage for disposal at any time between 8:00am and 4:00pm Monday through Saturday, except holidays.

New York City residents may also dispose of up to four (4) tires from passenger cars at one of the Department’s Household Special Waste Drop-off Sites. Sites will open from 10:00am to 5:00pm on the following days:

  • Friday before the last Saturday of each month
  • Every Saturday, except for the last Saturday of each month

They are located at:

Map Location
The Manhattan Household Tire Disposal Drop-Off site is now closed due to the development of the Hudson Yard project.
1824 Shore Parkway, between 25th Avenue and Bay 41st Street, adjacent to Brooklyn South 11 Garage
120-15 31st Avenue, College Point, adjacent to Queens East 7 Garage
Farragut and Halleck Streets, opposite the Hunts Point Food Cooperative
Staten Island:
Foot of Muldoon Avenue, off the West Shore Expressway, adjacent to Staten Island 3 Garage

When bringing tires to any Department of Sanitation facility for disposal, residents must present a valid New York State drivers license and New York State Registration both with New York City addresses. No commercial vehicles are permitted.

Tires are collected by a contractor and taken to a facility where they are converted to electricity.

When buying new tires, bring back your old ones to be recycled. Businesses that sell or install tires must take back tires of approximately the same size that they sell. People can recycle up to the same amount of tires that they buy new. The fee for the collection of old tires is included in the cost of new tires.

For waste prevention tips see the tires page in NYCReycles Tips for Your Home.

Questions concerning the tire disposal program should be directed to the New York City Citizen Service Center at 3-1-1.