Department of Sanitation - New York City
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Department of Sanitation - New York City Department of Sanitation - New York City


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Repair Shops-Yellow Pages Listings

Air Conditioning Contractors and Systems [repair]
Appliances-Household-Small-Service and Repair
Appliances-Household-Major-Service and Repair
Bathtubs and Sinks-Repairing and Refinishing
Bicycle-Dealers, Repairers and Rental
Boilers-Repairing & Cleaning
Carpet and Rug Cleaners
Carpet and Rug Repairing
Charities-see Social and Human Services
Chinaware and Glassware-Repairing
Cigar and Cigarette Lighters-Repairing
Cleaners [for clothing]
Clocks-Service and Repair
Computers-Service and Repair
Dishwashing Machines-Service and Repair
Drapery and Curtain Cleaners
Electric Equipment-Service and Repairing
Engines-Rebuilding and Exchanging
Eyeglasses-see Optical Goods
Fix-It Shops
Floor Machines-Repairing
Furniture Cleaning
Furniture Repairing and Refinishing
Hats-Cleaners and Renovators
Landscape Contractors
Leathers Goods-Repairing
Microwave Ovens-Service and Repair
Musical Instruments-Repairing
Necktie Renovating
Office Furniture and Equipment-Repairing and Refinishing
Optical Goods-Service and Repair
Photographic Equipment-Repairing
Pianos-Tuning, Repairing and Refinishing
Picture Frames-Restoring and Repairing
Porcelain Enamel Repairing and Refinishing
Rackets-Restringing and Repairing
Ranges and Ovens-Service and Repair
Refrigerators and Freezers-Dealers and Service
Safes and Vaults-Opening and Repairing
Saws-Sharpening and Repairing
Sewing Machines-Service and Repair
Sharpening Service
Shoe Dyers
Shoe Repairing
Silverware Cleaning, Repairing and Replating
Skate Sharpening
Slip Covers-Ready & Custom Made
Social and Human Services [list of charities]
Solar Energy Equipment and Systems-Service and Repair
Speakers-Rebuilding and Repairing
Sporting Goods-Repairing
Stereophonic & High Fidelity Equipment-Service and Repair
Tape Recorders & Players-Sound-Service and Repair
Telephone Equipment and Systems-Service and Repair
Television and Radio-Service and Repair
Tire Retreading and Repairing
Tools-Repairing and Parts
Tree Service
Typewriters [for repair and rental]
Vacuum Cleaners-Service and Repair
Venetian Blinds-Repair and Cleaning
Video Games-Service and Repair
Video Recorders & Players-Service and Repair
Vinyl Repair Service
Washing Machines and Dryers-Service and Repair
Watches-Service and Repair
Water Heaters-Repairing
Weather Stripping Contractors [energy efficient]
Wheel Chairs
Window Shades-Cleaning and Repairing