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Bulk Collection

The Department of Sanitation provides free curbside removal of large non-commercial "bulk" items (items that are too big to be discarded in a container or bag) from residential buildings.

Regular Bulk
Metal/Rigid Plastic Bulk

Regular Bulk - Large items that are neither 100 percent metal nor predominantly metal (such as mattresses, microwaves, televisions, sofas, EZ chairs, wood tables, etc.)

Yard Waste and Bundled wood - See info on the NYC Yard Waste Composting Law. Old lumber or tree limbs must be securely tied in bales no more than 2 feet high and 4 feet long. Remove or flatten all nails and other sharp protuberances, to prevent injury.

According to Federal law, all wood from trees on residential properties in Brooklyn and Queens is subject to special handling due to infestation by the Asian Longhorned Beetle - an invasive pest that attacks and kills trees. Before disposing of tree prunings or firewood, residents in these boroughs must schedule an appointment for special Parks & Recreation handling. To schedule an appointment, call 311 or visit

Carpet / Rug - Old carpets and rugs must be free of all nails or staples, and securely tied in bales no more than 2 feet high and 4 feet long.

Construction Debris - While the Department does remove non-commercial waste from homeowners engaged in small "do-it-yourself" projects, homeowners who are undertaking large projects should contract for their own dumpster by contacting a private rubbish removal service. Bulk and construction debris generated by hired contractors or fee-for-service personnel on home repair or renovation projects is considered commercial waste and it is therefore the responsibility of the contractor to arrange for appropriate private disposal.

Mattresses and Box Springs - To combat Bed Bugs, any person disposing of mattresses or box springs for DSNY collection must fully enclose these items within a sealed plastic bag. (see Stop Bedbugs ).

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Metal / Rigid Plastic Bulk - Large items that are predominantly metal or rigid plastic and are too big for your recycling containers or clear bags (such as washing machines, metal filing cabinets, water heaters, or plastic furniture, etc.)

Placing Bulk out for Collection -- Bulk may be placed at curbside between 5pm (4pm from October to April) and midnight the night before your collection day (Recycling Collection day for Metal / Rigid Plastic Bulk). Items must not be placed in the street, extend in front of another property or impede pedestrians’ traffic. If you have a large quantity of items (e.g. more than a dozen) you should consider placing them out over several collection days.

Appliances -- All New York City Residents are required by law to arrange for the recovery of CFC / Freon when discarding freezers, refrigerators, air conditioners, water coolers, or dehumidifiers.  For safety reasons, the law requires that doors be removed from refrigerators. Appointments for up to 6 appliances per recycling day per location can be made.

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