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Keep NYC Beautiful

Thank you for your interest in helping Keep New York City Beautiful (KNYCB).  

The goal of KNYCB, an affiliate of Keep America Beautiful (KAB), is to improve the cleanliness and beauty of our city  by encouraging volunteers to become involved in urban beautification efforts, such as community clean ups, street sweeping, parks beautification, graffiti removal, tree and flower plantings, street median cleaning, etc.

If you wish to volunteer and help Keep New York City Beautiful, you may contact any of the following members of the KNYCB coalition by clicking on one of the following links:


New York City Department of Sanitation - Cleanup Tool Loan Program (5.42MB) PDF

Graffiti Free NYC - Mayor's Paint Program

New York City Department of Parks and Recreation

Citizens Committee for NYC

New York City Restoration Project


Keep America Beautiful 

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