Car Free NYC: Earth Day Summer Streets - Car Free NYC: Earth Day

Event Programming Schedule

Union Square Rest Stop

Broadway Plaza: 17th to 18th Streets (Fitness Classes)

New York Health & Racquet Club Fitness Schedule

New York Health and Racquet Club (NYHRC), a health club founded in 1973, offers tailored fitness with an inclusive community feel. NYHRC operates nine Manhattan locations that reflect NYC, emphasizing fitness as a lifestyle. In addition to elite personal training, over 650 weekly classes and state of the art equipment, NYHRC offers high-end amenities such as saltwater pools and whirlpools, saunas, steam rooms, massage, racquet sports, basketball courts, outdoor programming, and a member yacht!

10:00 am Tai Chi: Bill Pagano
11:00 am Tabata 30: Delida Torres
11:30 am Hip Hop: Corinne Tate
12:15 pm Zumba: Wilber Escobar
1:00 pm Upright Yoga: Jenn Nigro
2:00 pm Dance Hiit (Dance): Ebonny Fowler
18th to 19th Streets (Historical and Sustainability Programming)

Historical Walking Tour, Abby Suckle & James Kaplan (9:30 AM)

Union Square: Center of 19th and Early 20th Century Political New York: This tour will examine Union Square and its surrounding area, pointing out the significant political events that occurred there and describing the fabulous and important monuments in Union Square Park. Among the monuments discussed will be Henry Kirke Brown's monumental statute of George Washington, the statute of the Marquis de Lafayette, and the Charles Francis Murphy flagpole. The tour will also discuss such important events such as the rally during the Civil War, the labor rallies with such orators as Emma Goldman in the early part of the 20th century, the spontaneous memorial services in the days after 9/11 for the victims of the World Trade Center Bombing and the Greenmarkets in honor of Earth Day. The tour will then visit the last standing Tammany Hall on 17th Street, the Washington Irving House and will end at Pete's Tavern on 18th Street.

Meet: 9:30 AM at the NE corner of 18th Street and Broadway. The tour is free of charge. Registration is not required.

Historical Walking Tour, Big Onion (2:00 PM)

Union Square: Crossroads of New York Walking Tour: Experience Union Square in a new way by participating in the Union Square Partnership's free walking tour, Union Square: The Crossroads of New York. Join us for this engaging tour led by the historians at Big Onion Walking Tours to explore the social and political history of the neighborhood and learn about the people and events that shape this vibrant community every day.

Meet: 2:00 PM in front of Barnes & Nobles at 33 East 17th Street to take part in this 90 minute tour. This tour is free of charge. Registration is not required.

Big Apple Greeter

Get to Know the Neighborhood with Big Apple Greeter: Big Apple Greeter is a welcome visitor program. Volunteers share their favorite neighborhoods in New York City with visitors from around the world. Experience Greeting for yourself by taking a 15 minute walk around the neighborhood with a volunteer Greeter!


GrowNYC Zero Waste Programs: Have recycling questions? GrowNYC has answers! Test your NYC recycling skills at this interactive demo and learn about free resources for reducing waste, composting food scraps, reusing and recycling clothing, and more with GrowNYC’s zero waste programs funded by the NYC Department of Sanitation.

Manhattan Borough Historian
The Manhattan Borough Historian’s History Quiz Game: How well do you know your city? Quizmaster and Manhattan Borough Historian, Michael Miscione, will pose questions about the history, geography, and culture of New York. Some will be easy. Some will be hard. Some will be in between. If you score enough points you'll win a NYC sewer alligator!

Flatiron Rest Stop

Flation Plaza: 21st to 22nd Streets (Bicycle Programming)


Citi Bike Car Free Day: In partnership with Mastercard, Citi Bike will offer free day passes to all on Car Free Earth Day. Individuals can visit for more information on how to obtain their free rides, or they can download and visit the Citi Bike app on Car Free Earth Day, April 21st.

Flatiron Plaza South: 22nd to 23rd Streets (Bike/Environmental Programming)

Bike NY

Bike Safety Quick Check: Bike New York will teach you how to determine whether or not your bike is ready for a ride. Cyclists will learn how to conduct a quick, simple and easy-to-remember bike safety inspection including proper tire inflation for a safe, smooth and efficient ride every time.


"Bike Parts Bingo" and "Tips and Tricks for Being a Savvy City Cyclist": WE Bike NYC will hold two fun workshops to help participants overcome barriers to cycling in the city. "Bike Parts Bingo" will teach participants about the parts of the bicycle so they can be more confident about using and maintaining their bike. "Tips and Tricks for Being a Savvy City Cyclist" will empower participants with information to help make biking in the city safer and easier.

Brooklyn Boulders Foundation

Rock Climbing Training: Brooklyn Boulders Foundation will offer a rope tying workshop to demonstrate safe and effective preparation for rock climbing. After tying successful climbing safety knots, participants will be awarded with items used in the outdoors such as, sunglasses, hats or other items. Founded in 2010, BBF serves to improve the environment and make climbing accessible to the public, specifically inner-city youth and people with physical disabilities.

Appalachian Mountain Club

Explore the Outdoors: Since 1876 the AMC has promoted the protection, enjoyment, and understanding of the outdoors while helping people of all ages and abilities to explore and develop an appreciation of the natural world. Stop by our area to learn more about how you can get outdoors with us, test your nature knowledge through trivia games, or learn new skills with building a tent. A few lucky winners will take some great prizes.

Van Alen Institute

Crossroads Conversations: Transit in the Face of Climate Change: Harnessing the distinctive power of public space as a platform for unexpected encounters and compassion between strangers, Crossroads Conversations invites members of the public to join in 10-minute conversations with a fellow stranger facilitated by journalists and subject area experts. Participants will discuss the challenges, oddities, and opportunities of commuting in the city and how these narratives are altered as New York’s public transit system moves towards a more sustainable future in the face of climate change.

Project for Public Spaces

Streets as GREEN Places: Reimagining streets as places is about helping people begin to see streets in their entirety: not just their function in transporting people and goods, but the vital role they play in animating the social and economic life of communities. During CFED, PPS will host an interactive visioning exercise focused on the importance of seeing Streets as GREEN places, not just conduits for traffic. Come and sit with us under our handmade trees – we’d like to know, “What would you do if your street was Car Free every day?”

Riders Alliance

Riders Alliance: Often times, riders feel powerless when their train or bus is consistently unreliable. But riders have the power to use their voice as constituents, and to take action when public transit lets them down. We want to equip New Yorkers with the simple tools for how to become a transit activist and join our fight for better public transit.

Transportation Alternatives

Re-Imagine a Better Broadway: The vast majority of New Yorkers are making their commutes car-free, and Broadway in Manhattan deserves a bold vision. Join Transportation Alternatives to learn how we're transforming Broadway into Streetopia! By transforming the way we use NYC streets, we can improve quality of life in Midtown where it is needed the most.

511 NY Rideshare

511NY Rideshare: Helps commuters and employers in the New York metropolitan area find and use easy, cost-effective and reliable alternatives to driving alone, including carpooling, vanpooling, mass transit, bike-to-work programs and telework. 511NY Rideshare is sponsored by the New York State Department of Transportation. For more information, visit or dial 511 and say rideshare."

Big Brothers Big Sisters Of New York City

Checkmate!: Chess classes and free play offered throughout the event. Learn how to master the game and play to earn your spot in the event tournament.

Flatiron Plaza North, 23rd to 24th Streets (Performance Stage)
Dance and Fitness Schedule
9:00 am Pop Up Yoga
Join Pop Up Yoga NYC for a 60 minute yoga class in the heart of the city. Stretch, flow, tone muscles, and relax mind and body in this friendly and all-inclusive class. This class is perfect for beginners or more experienced students looking to refine their basics, all are welcome! Participants are encouraged to bring their own yoga mat as mats will not be provided.
10:00 am WRKNYC FITFAM Bootcamp (+ WRKNYC KIDS)
Join us for a family friendly boot camp-- we will get the community sweating with a combination of aerobic activities and plyometric fun. From jump squats to burpees to push-ups and more, our objective is simple: just keep moving! Bring the kids or come solo-- WRKNYC will have you sweating and smiling all while getting your boot camp burn!
11:00 am Gibney Dance Company
Gibney Dance will present, Hands are for Holding, three short performances, followed by a talk back from a trained community educator. The performances depict healthy and unhealthy relationships, and serve as approachable touch points in identifying signs of abuse and discussing preventative actions. After the performance, the audience is invited to participate in a movement exercise, a chance to experience the connections between movement and social action. For most, the exercise takes many attempts to complete, and like healthy relationships, takes patience and compromise between partners.
12:00 pm NYC Department of Youth and Community Development’s Step It Up NYC
Youth dance and step teams from the NYC Department of Youth and Community Development’s Step It Up NYC competition will perform. The teams, who will compete for this year’s championship in June, are stepping it up against bullying in their communities and through their dynamic performances. Learn more at, and check out the teams on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook by following @NYCyouth and #stepitupnyc.
1:00 pm PopFit Kids
FUNctional Fitness club with a mission to empower children on the importance of anytime, anywhere exercising and an objective to provide them with the tools for developing life-long healthy habits.
2:00 pm Ori Manea Tahitian Polynesian Dance
Ori Manea will present traditional Tahitian Polynesian dance related to the Earth and its different elements (water, wind, flora and fauna). Following the performances, a dance workshop will be offered to the public.
Flatiron Plaza North, 23rd to 24th Streets

GoGo squeeZ

Upcycling Spring Craft: Root for your plants and veggies to grow big and tall with this awesome upcycling Spring craft! Use GoGo squeeZ pouches or the cardboard from our packs and line with foil as a seed starter.

Broadway/Fifth Avenue at 24th Street (Public Art Installation)

Terrain Work

Broadway Bouquet: Broadway Bouquet aims to capture the spirit of spectacle and wonder that is scale-bending urban environment cultivates. It nods to the culture of flowers that can be found on a nearby corner from Manhattan to the boroughs. It takes this portable NY landscape and blows it up to a monumental scale (36’ in length) where the individual trees and shrubs replace cut stems and flowers. The artwork captures the imagination by illustrating the potential for a car free future with a living, breathing garden in the middle of one of the busiest spaces in the world. Special thanks to Blondie’s Treehouse, DeSimone Consulting Engineers and Duggal Visual Solutions.

Worth Square, 24th to 25th Streets (Fitness Activities)

Movement Creative

Movement Games with the Movement Creative: Come play some of our favorite movement games - having fun changing rules and learning parkour. This workshop is for ages 7+- all levels.

9:00 am – 10:30 am Free Play/Open Activation
10:30 am – 11:00 am Performance
11:00 am – 11:30 am Game Class
11:30 am – 1:30 pm Free Play/Open Activation
1:30 pm – 2:00 pm Performance
2:00 pm – 3:00 pm Game Class

Mile High Run Club (10:00 AM and 1:00 PM)

Mile High Run Club - Group "Adventure" Run: Build confidence in your stride and get to the finish line faster by hitting the pavement with expert instruction led by NYC’s top running coaches from Mile High Run Club. Designed for all levels, each session will begin with warm up drills to improve form & increase joint mobility prior to a run that will last up to 40 minutes in length.

Go Sports

Free Rollerblade Rental: Go! Sports USA will provide Free Skate Rentals and Skate Lessons at this year's Car Free NYC event. Come cruise the streets of Broadway traffic free!

City Zone Rest Stop

City Zone, 25th to 26th Streets (Sustainability Programming)

DOH Environmental Health

Learn about Air Quality, Climate, and Health in NYC: The New York City Health Department is working hard to protect New Yorkers by monitoring air quality across the city through its New York City Community Air Survey. The Health Department is also examining the health risks of current and future extreme weather and working with its partners to reduce those risks. Stop by the Health Department’s booth to learn more about traffic-related air pollution and health, heat- and cold-related illnesses, to see how your neighborhood’s air quality and climate health report compares to others, witness an air monitor working in real time, and check out the Environment and Health Data Portal.

DSNY Recycling Program

Department of Sanitation: The Department of Sanitation (DSNY) keeps New York City healthy, safe and clean. DSNY’s goal to contribute zero waste to landfills by 2030 helps New Yorkers protect our environment. Visit DSNY to learn how to keep garbage from landfills, have your picture taken with our mascots and receive a free reusable bag (while supplies last)!

DPR Sustainable Facilities

Implementing Green Technology to Revolutionize NYC: As part of NYC Parks continuing effort to ensure our city is as sustainable, resilient and efficient as possible we invite you to learn about the many technologies and best practices we're implementing to bring this vision to life. We will be demonstrating a wide range of tools, energy systems, green infrastructure solutions and waste management methods to improve our public spaces. Visitors are welcome to continue their exploration of these cutting edge ideas by signing up to participate in further free NYC Parks classes, projects and volunteer internships.

DPR Wildlife

Coexisting with Urban Wildlife: As you travel along the event, stop and learn about the challenges migratory birds face traveling through the City, and ways you and your family can help them along their journey. Visit with NYC Parks Wildlife Unit to learn more about these birds and all urban wildlife we encounter everywhere from our parks and green spaces to our roads and roofs.

NYC Beekeeping

Bees and the City, Bees and You: Want to help bees and other pollinators in NYC? We'll show you how! Stop by for a taste of honey, and discover how you can participate in our conservation and education programs citywide.

DCP Design

The Building Blocks of the Sustainable City: A multitude of codes, regulations, and policies contribute to making New York a more sustainable and resilient city for the years to come. From green roofs to car share, street trees, and bike lanes, New York City has developed a variety of policies over time meant to make the city greener and more livable for future generations. Join the Department of City Planning for a series of fun and interactive games that show how these policies fit together and illustrate how ordinary New Yorkers can contribute to their success.

Mayor’s Office of Sustainability

GreeNYC #BYONYC Giveaway: GreeNYC is dedicated to educating, engaging and mobilizing New Yorkers to take small steps that make big strides for our city and our planet. To help NYC meet its ambitious sustainability goals of sending zero waste to landfill, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions 80 percent by 2050, stop by and take the Bring Your Own (BYO) pledge. You’ll join other New Yorkers already saving money and going green. When you pledge to BYO today, we’ll give you a free reusable shopping bag or water bottle to get you started!

NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission

NYC Accessible Dispatch: Access the City Like Never Before: Learn more about the TLC Accessible Dispatch Program, which expanded in 2017 to provide wheelchair accessible taxi service in all 5 boroughs, a service that was previously available only in Manhattan. The NYC Accessible Dispatch Program gives visitors and residents with disabilities greater access to green and yellow wheelchair accessible taxis, with booking available via phone, online, and through a mobile app. TLC will be promoting our program for both passengers and drivers.

City Zone, 26th to 27th Streets (Sustainability Programming)

Mo Math

Experience the Wonders of Math with MoMath, the National Museum of Mathematics: Join the National Museum of Mathematics (MoMath) to participate in one of three fun activities and test your knowledge about math. Plant the Daisy: This task is harder than you think! Math Unleashed: Knot theory would come in handy to keep these puppies from escaping! No Left Turn: Can you find your way through the maze without making a left turn or a U-turn?

NYC Green Infrastructure

NYC Green Infrastructure: Multiple city agencies work together to install green infrastructure in NYC streets, parks, and other places. At Car Free Earth Day, staff from New York City Department of Environmental Protection, Department of Transportation, Department of Design and Construction, and the Parks Department will explain how green infrastructure works. There will be a rain garden display and permeable pavement to explore.


DEP Water-On-The-Go: The New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) protects public health and the environment by supplying clean drinking water, collecting and treating wastewater, and reducing air, noise, and hazardous materials pollution. Since 2010, DEP has placed portable Water-On-the-Go drinking fountains around the city during the summer months to promote the high quality of NYC Water and to offer it as an economical, healthy, and environmentally responsible alternative to bottled water and sugary beverages.

DOT Street Ambassadors

DOT Street Ambassadors, Games & Activities: The mission of the Street Ambassador Unit is to engage the public, gathering their feedback and knowledge to better develop and implement street improvement projects. Join the team on Earth Day as we activate Broadway with fun games and activities to learn about how NYCDOT is #improvingNYCstreets. Our activities will include: Bike Network Dominoes, Design Your Own Dream Street, and DOT Sudoku!

DOT Safety Education

Join NYC DOT Safety Education to learn about ways to ride a bicycle safely in New York City. We will have riding tips and other safety material as well as special equipment to distribute. For everyone from beginning riders to every day bike commuters.

DOT Bike And Greenway

Bicycle and Greenway Program, NYC DOT: NYC Bicycle & Greenway Program is responsible for planning and managing the city’s 1100+ miles of bicycle facilities. In 2017, NYC DOT’s Bicycle and Greenway Program installed an unprecedented 25 miles of protected bicycle lanes as well as 66.3 miles of dedicated cycling space throughout all five boroughs of the city. DOT Bicycle & Greenway Program tent will be available to speak about the Bicycle & Greenway Program’s projects. Staff will illustrate projects with photo books and posters, and distribute literature (Bike Maps, Bike Smart Guides, Jamaica Bay Greenway and Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway).

DOT Adopt-A-Highway

Adopt-A-Highway – For A Cleaner, Greener NYC: New York City Department of Transportation Adopt-A-Highway Program provides opportunities for individuals, organizations, and businesses to participate in the cleaning and greening of New York City roadways. The Adopt-A-Highway Program seeks to stimulate the public’s sense of environmental and social responsibility. Visit the Adopt-A-Highway tent to take a free photo booth picture or a selfie to commemorate Car Free Earth Day and receive a free gift.

DOT Energy Unit

NYC’s Energy Efficient Street Lights: DOT’s Energy Team works to support the City’s and the Agency’s OneNYC 80x50 Greenhouse Gas emission goals, to reduce the city’s energy use 80% by 2050. The Energy Team will showcase an interactive display of DOT’s new LED street lights, showing how much more energy efficient they are compared to the old High Pressure Sodium (HPS) street lights. Come see the City’s street lights close up!

Herald Square Rest Stop

6th Avenue between 33rd and 34th Streets (Fitness Classes)
11:00 am Limon Dance Class
Discover the freedom of movement with Limon Dance Company! Free dance classes open to all ages and abilities, no experience required.
11:30 am Limon Dance Class
Discover the freedom of movement with Limon Dance Company! Free dance classes open to all ages and abilities, no experience required.
12:00 pm Jump Double Dutch
Learn basic jump techniques in a fun and supportive environment from Double Dutch Empire's experienced instructors. Instructors will teach participants the basics of double dutch jump rope including jumping in and out, basic jump tricks and turning the ropes. People of all ages and skill level are encouraged to join in! Let's jump double dutch!
Broadway Plaza, 34th to 35th Streets (Fitness Classes)
Fitness Schedule
9:00 am Sanctified Booty
Fitness Sanctuary is a Boutique Fitness Studio offering unique, outstanding, high intensity and high energy fitness classes for all levels. SANCTIFIED BOOTY is a class designed to strengthen your glutes (booty) and lower extremities. This class is open to all levels and we focus on proper form to get the benefit of every exercise while sweating it out to today’s hottest beats.
10:00 am Beginner’s Salsa Class
Paul Pellicoro’s DanceSport is one of the largest dance studios on the East Coast, offering a variety of social & competitive partner dances. It’s where New York learns to dance! From Ballroom, (such as Waltz, Foxtrot, Swing) to Latin, (such as Salsa, Tango, Bachata) to Club Dances and so much more! No partner necessary!
11:00 am ((305)) Fitness
All All cardio classes are 55 minutes long, with a focus on high-intensity rhythmic cardio. Classes also feature sprint intervals, sculpting, and a stretch cooldown, and torch between 500 - 900 calories per session. Expect alotta air humping, jumping jacks, and non-stop smiling. You're gonna be sore for dayzzz. Not a dancer? No problem. Seriously. Our classes are easy-to-follow and made for non-dancers and dancers, alike.
12:00 pm Ratchet (Zooba) Fitness
After the show, it’s the after party. Ratchet (Zooba) Fitness is Banana Skirt Productions’ watch and follow class that feels like your best night out with a stress-busting playlist. Not your average dance class in any way. Our instructor’s watch and follow routines make this class all that you imagine yourself doing at the club when “your song” comes on in a safe and friendly environment. The best part about RATCHET FITNESS™ is that a workout comes with your party, complete with intermittent training that targets everything – abs, glutes, arms, and legs. If you love working out to hip-hop and love a high-intensity cardio workout, then this class is for you!
1:00 pm Hoopdance with Fitnotic
Fitnotic specializes in fitness for moms and moms-to-be, with an expertise in core strengthening and diastasis recti. Hoopdance is a fun, safe and effective total body workout that targets core, and is ideal for everyone at all fitness levels, from children through grandparents! Absolutely no prior hula hooping or dance experience is necessary!
2:00 pm Ironstrength with Dr. Metzl + Zumba with Angelina Alfaro
Join the special Earth Day workout with renowned sports medicine physician from Hospital for Special Surgery Dr. Jordan Metzl and his IronStrength community fitness program. He’ll throw down an IronStrength bootcamp class in the middle of Herald Square for 30 minutes, followed by a rocking Zumba class with Angelina Alfaro. Suitable for all ages and fitness levels.
Broadway Plaza, 35th to 36th Streets (Environmental Programming)

Citizens Climate Lobby

Writing Your Member of Congress: Writing your Member of Congress is an effective method of communicating environmental concerns to elected officials. Learn tips and guidelines from Citizens' Climate Lobby.

Climate Museum

Creating the Climate Museum: The Climate Museum, a start-up museum dedicated to creating a hub for climate engagement and leadership in NYC, will be holding an interactive photo station. Come share your ideas about why we need a Climate Museum and pick up some free swag!

The Earth Institute, Columbia Univerity

Ice Detectives: An X-Snow Mystery: Use snowflakes to better understand the planet and "Map My Emissions” that helps people understand the climate impacts of their transportation choices. Get information about our education and professional development programs and learn how the Earth Institute blends research in the physical and social sciences, education and practical solutions to help guide the world onto a path toward sustainability.

Common Ground Compost

Zero Waste with Common Ground Compost: See Zero Waste in action! Common Ground Compost will help event attendees sort waste into "compost", "recycling", and "landfill" categories, educate about waste in NYC, and help raise awareness about the importance of waste reduction in everyday life.

Earth Day Intitiative

Do Just 1 Thing: Stop by Earth Day Initiative to engage in fun trivia questions with energy and sustainability experts while learning how to live a green lifestyle!

Green Map System

Green Maps & Icons: Made locally across the city and around the world, all Green Maps share a lively iconography. Green Mapmakers is updating the set and wondering about the types of places and symbols that you want to see on the map. Pitch in with your ideas about what belongs on the Green Map!

Michael Albert

Sir Real Coloring Workshop: NY Pop Artist/Author & founder of the Sir Real Juice Company MICHAEL ALBERT will be running an interactive Art booth, “Sir Real Coloring Workshop’ and Free Poster Giveaway & Signing where he will be drawing his Sir Real characters for participants to color in and in exchange for their time & interest he will be offering one of his limited edition modern pop art posters which he will be happy to sign & personalize.

NY League of Conservation Voters

Clean Buses for Healthy Niños: Kids have a right to breathe clean air. Clean School Buses can help! That’s why NYLCVEF has launched the Clean Buses for Healthy Niños campaign. We’re collaborating with national and state partners to spur the transition away from dirty diesel school buses and improve the health outcomes of children in environmental justice communities. Through grassroots community organizing, we’re urging state leaders to put the health of our kids and communities first by prioritizing New York's Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust for clean electric school buses. Visit our booth at Car Free Earth Day to learn more about the campaign! You can participate in our clean bus photo contest, learn about the impacts of diesel exhaust on our health, and sign our petition supporting the transition to electric school buses!


HYPOTHEkids Water Bottle Planters: Come learn all about reusing and recycling as you build your very own planter out of a recycled water bottle and a sock! Kids will build their recycled water bottle planter, plant an herb seed, and then take it home and watch it grow! You and your family will have the tools to grow your own plants from home while taking care of our Earth by reusing materials!

CALL/City As Living Laboratory Featuring Bob Braine

Estuary Tattoos by artist Bob Braine provides as a platform to explore the parallels between the human circulatory system and that of regional wetland ecology. Conceived in collaboration with ecologists and biologists, this series of body paintings will trace the history of Tibbetts Brook and visualize its future course.

CALL / City as Living Laboratory’s mission is make issues of sustainability tangible by harnessing the creative practices of artists in collaboration with the skills and knowledge of scientists, experts, and communities. Estuary Tattoos is a part of CALL's Daylighting Tibbetts Brook, a constellation of public art projects evoking the lost ecology of the now-buried Tibbetts Brook and the transformative possibilities associated with future plans to daylight it.

Broadway Plaza, 35th to 36th Streets (Musical Performances)
9:00 am Bumblebee Jamboree
Children’s music influenced by 50’ and 60’ rock-n-roll
10:00 am Washington Square Winds
Contemporary classical music, oboe and flute duo
11:00 am Jaliya Kafo Ensemble
West African music, with 14th century instruments (kora and balafon), including the dundun, a traditional drum of Guinea
12:00 pm Inti and the Moon
Spanish guitars and percussion playing upbeat and romantic Spanish-Latin grooves
1:00 pm Secret Mall
Electric wind instrument, guitar, bass and drums combine to create the sounds of modern jazz, futurefunk and vaporware
2:00 pm Underground Horns
Brooklyn-based brass band playing Afro Funk Latin New Orleans grooves and beyond

Garment District Rest Stop

Broadway Plaza, 36th to 41st Streets (Environmental Exhibition)

Garment District Alliance

No Time to Waste: The Garment District Alliance is presenting an exhibit, No Time to Waste, on Broadway between 35th and 41st streets. The exhibit will consist of five trusses displaying images of human-created environmental disasters and asking viewers to make a promise, using a thought bubble, to change their behavior.

Broadway Plaza, 37th to 38th Streets (Public Art Installation and Workshop)

Isabelle Garbani

Les Fleurs du Mal: Using recycled plastic bags, Isabelle Garbani’s artwork draws attention to the issue of overconsumption, and illustrates why the Zero Waste Challenge is critical. In advance of Car Free Earth Day, Garbani has knitted a series of wraps from recycled plastic bags to wrap the planters surrounding the plaza. Join Garbani and her students, from the West Nottingham Academy in Maryland, on Car Free Earth Day, as they embellish and grow the public art installation with trash materials collected during the event.

Broadway Plaza, 38th to 39th Streets (Arts and Crafts Workshops)

Nancy Benignus

Hands-on Papermaking Workshop: Join Nancy Benignus to learn how to recycle scrap paper into beautiful handmade paper. It can be used to make cards or for art projects. Create a piece of paper to take home with you.

Asha Hanna

Deciduous Expressions: A globe, covered in handmade origami flowers varying in size, shape and color, will contain messages related to facts about the environment, how transportation vehicles effect our environment, simple ways people can help improve the environment, how NYCDOT is creating efficient and environmentally responsible options for the people of New York City. Each origami flower is meant to be picked by viewers to engage with the project and gain information. The interactive workshop will inspire the public to work together to make the world a better place.

Base 15 Studio

Freestyle Poetree: Freestyle Poetree is a poem workshop and a pop-up installation that engages visitors to write about the future of our environment. Visitors at all aged are welcome to participate in showcasing appreciation and concern for the environment.

Green-Inspired Art

Make Art not Trash: Coffee cup lids become the scales of a stegosaurus and straws, the pipes of a fountain. Things ordinarily thrown away are given to teams or individuals as the building blocks of desktop sculpture. Only child-safe materials are used, and all have been thoroughly cleaned. And if you need inspiration, a resident artist or crafts person is there to suggest what might be done. Participants take home their creations.

Jessica Maffia

Make Your Own Recycled Planters and Plant a Seed!: Jessica Maffia will demonstrate how to turn recycled household containers into beautiful planters in which participants will plant a seed.

Materials for the Arts

CD Case Portraits: MATERIALS FOR THE ARTS, NYC’s premier reuse facility, will be inviting participants to draw their own PORTRAITS on hundreds of reused CD cases. By tracing their friends faces through the clear plastic, people see another way to keep materials out of the landfills through the creation of art.

Quebec Delegation, NYC

Québec- NYC’s Partner in Clean Energy and Climate Action: Learn more about vision-zero, the increased use of public transportation and the importance of public policies and technology like clean energy, electric transport and putting a price on carbon to combat climate change to ensure clean air for generations to come. Participate in question and answer sessions relating to the Québec-California-Ontario joint cap-and-trade carbon works, how Québec has gotten to 99% clean energy and how we provide 5% of New York State’s annual power needs with renewable hydropower as well as how Québec has become the leader in Canada in the promotion and adoption of electric vehicles from Zero Emissions Vehicle Standards, an extensive charging network and North America’s first commercially available 100% electric type-c school bus!

Broadway Plaza, 39th to 40th Streets (Science Exhibition)

Mayor’s Office Of Sustainability

Ice Box Challenge NYC: The Mayor’s Office of Sustainability is partnering with Building Energy Exchange, New York Passive House and the Belgium Consulate to present, Ice Box Challenge, a public science demonstration that invites the public to discover the benefits of hyper efficient buildings. Two boxes, one built to reflect the current Building Code and the other to the super-insulated Passive House Standard, will be installed for six weeks in the Broadway Plaza. Each Box contains a 1500 pound block of ice that will melt over the exhibition. At the end of the exhibit, the blocks of ice will be unveiled to the public.
Visit Ice Box Challenge during Car Free Earth Day to watch artist, Olivier Binamé, a Brussels-based street artist whose colorful murals and sculptures have been featured all over the world and beyond, paint the façade of both boxes. Learn more about his artistry at

Times Square Rest Stop

Broadway Plaza, 42nd to 43rd Streets (Bike Programming)

Loudest Yeller Bike Tours (10 am + 12 pm)

A History of Earth Day in NYC by Loudest Yeller Bicycle Tours: Loudest Yeller will host two bicycle tours from Times Square to Union Square and back. Along the ride, your guide will some simple tips about how to commute by bicycle safely and tell you about the history that connects NYC so tightly with Earth Day. Come on this easy ride to learn about Sen. Gaylord Nelson, John Muir and the history of the Conservation Movement and much, much, more. Advance reservation is not required. Bikes will be provided.

Broadway Plaza, 42nd to 43rd Streets (Dance Performances)

Project Dance Annual Dance Festival (10 am to 6 pm)

Project Dance: Project Dance gathers professional, pre-professional and aspiring dancers for training, performances and networking in major cities around the globe. The pinnacle of our New York City event is an all-day open air dance concert that is free to the public featuring local and international dance artistry in ballet, jazz, modern, hip hop and tap. Dancers gather with the common vision of bringing hope and healing to our city through the universal language of dance.

Broadway Plaza, 46th to 47th Streets (Musical and Dance Performances)
10:00 am Bryant Park Jugglers
Learn to juggle recycled objects like tennis balls and soda bottles
11:00 am Jonathan Russell
Violin-looping that responds and adjusts to the surrounding environment
12:00 pm Hungry March Band
A brass, percussion and performance ensemble
1:00 pm The Lesbian & Gay Big Apple Corps
Musical and artistic expression to promote social equality and harmony for all
2:00 pm Valerie Green/Dance Entropy, Impermanent Landscape
An immersive dance performance that captures the transient nature of living in an ever-changing urban environment. The work is performed in non-traditional locations, responding to the specific nature of the space and theme--in this case, Earth Day! Choreographer Valerie Green articulates the energy and architecture of the city in each innovative performance.