Street Works Manual

Letter from the Mayor

Dear Friends:

New York City is always growing. The telecommunications, power, water, and sewer infrastructures that lie beneath the city’s streets also need to grow and be maintained. Management of New York’s City’s street system is a never-ending balancing act, not only among our many modes of transportation and active street life, but also between transportation, and maintenance and improvement of our underground utilities. The New York City Street Works Manual is a major step forward in enhancing New York City Department of Transportation’s (NYC DOT) performance in this regard. It will allow New York City government to better serve both the traveling public and the city’s utility and construction sectors.

In fiscal year 2010, NYC DOT issued nearly a quarter million permits for work in city streets by utilities, construction companies and contractors.

With the policies and procedures set forth in this Manual, we aim to protect the public’s investment in good street surfaces and have our streets operating at capacity a greater percentage of the time. There will be ongoing, formalized coordination and information-sharing about upcoming street construction work by both government and the private sector, and higher penalties for violations or non-permitted work. These will reduce the number of individual street excavations and reduce costs for companies, users of city streets and New York City taxpayers.

The Manual also provides a comprehensive and transparent compendium of NYC DOT procedures and regulations governing work on city streets, including forms and online links for registration and permit application that utilities and contractors need. Its online/web version will be especially useful as a hands-on tool for the companies that need NYC DOT permits. We have streamlined the procedures for obtaining permits and will continue that process into the future. Applicants can now electronically apply for and receive construction-related permits anytime, anywhere.

As our city continues to grow, the New York City Street Works Manual will help us serve New Yorkers better and more efficiently, and improve the quality of life in neighborhoods across all five boroughs.


Michael R. Bloomberg