LOOK Safety Campaign

The LOOK safety campaign combines innovative street markings, ads, and videos to send a life-saving message, reminding motorists and pedestrians to be alert, whether on foot or behind the wheel. The distinctive street markings spell out "LOOK", with eyes looking in the direction of oncoming traffic. LOOK is part of a sustained campaign is also part of a larger safety strategy of engineering, education and enforcement that has contributed to making the last five years the safest in New York City’s recorded history. Read the press release announcing LOOK

LOOK Pavement Marking
The LOOK curbside markings are currently installed in 110 intersections citywide.
LOOK Decal featuring LOOK for Cyclists
The LOOK decal will appear on taxi windows.

"LOOK" also seeks to encourage safe behavior for taxi passengers, with decals and a Taxi TV video designed to combat "dooring"—crashes caused when a car door is opened into the path of a bike rider. Dooring is a serious hazard, resulting in the death of seven bicyclists since 2007. The Taxi TV video and decals will be a part of the 200 million annual yellow-taxi rides citywide. Read the press release announcing the taxi campaign

LOOK Safety Ads

Drive Smart driver safety ad. Last year 57% of traffic fatalities were people on foot.
Driver safety ads appear on the back panels of MTA buses.
Drive Smart Ad 'Walk Safe. Cross smart. Traffic injuries are avoidable.
Ads in bus shelters and phone kiosks stress pedestrian safety.