Bike Smart Pledge

BikeSmart icon - Half bike wheel above the words 'Bike Smart'

I want to help keep New York's streets safe for everyone. I pledge to:

 Yield to pedestrians
Ceda el paso a los peatones

 Stop at red lights and stop signs
Deténgase en las luces rojas del semáforo y las señales de pare
在號誌轉為紅燈後和 STOP(暫時停車) 標誌前停下

 Ride in the direction of traffic
Circule en el sentido del tránsito cuando ande en bicicleta

 Stay off the sidewalk (unless I'm under 13)
No use las aceras (a menos que tenga menos de 13 años de edad)
離開人行道(除非您 是13歲以下)

 Use a white front light and red tail light at night
Use una luz delantera blanca y una luz trasera roja durante la noche

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Check out these short Bike Smart animations on YouTube:

illustration of 'Ride with Traffic showing one bicyclist riding with traffic and one against.'

illustration of 'Stay off the Sidewalk showing a bicyclist exiting the sidewalk onto the road'

illustration of 'Give pedestrians the right of way showing a bicyclist breaking in front of a family crossing the street.