Facts on Green Light for Midtown and Broadway north of 47th Street

First implemented in 2009, Green Light for Midtown has improved pedestrian safety, vehicle travel times and enhanced the pedestrian experience all along Broadway.

Biking has increased a whopping 91% on Broadway at 50th Street to an average of 1,411 cyclists a day.

The changes on Broadway from Columbus Circle to 48th Street shortened crossing distances and protected pedestrians, reducing crash injuries from an average of 37.7 per year to 23 per year—a decline of 39%.

The Green Light for Midtown changes are popular with New Yorkers as well as tourists. After the first year of the changes, 74% of New Yorkers surveyed agreed that Times Square improved dramatically as a result of the project.

The number of pedestrians traveling along Broadway and Seventh Avenue in Times Square increased by 11%. At Herald Square pedestrian volume increased 6%.

As a result of these changes, pedestrian injuries in the entire project declined 35%, while 80% fewer pedestrians are walking in the roadway in Times Square.