Technology & Public Service Innovation

New York City government is more open and transparent than ever before. From the Open Data Portal, the NYC Developer Platform and NYC Big Apps, to Citywide Performance Reporting, 311 Service Request Map, 311 Online Enhanced 311 Reporting, and the award-winning NYCStat Stimulus Tracker, the amount of City information easily accessible via today, far exceeds anything previously available in the City's long history—and establishes New York as a leader in open government.

The City of New York has consistently worked toward an open government paradigm. In the past the practice for most institutions, government or otherwise, was keep information closed save for those few exceptions that were made public. The City is working to turn that idea on its head, believing that data and information should be open by default unless there is a compelling reason to keep it closed. DoITT will continue this important work for the benefit of all New Yorkers in an increasingly open age.

Open Data
A key element of open government is "open data." New York City’s open data legislation creates a comprehensive citywide policy – a common set of standards and guidelines for the City’s ongoing open government efforts and provides a centralized location for the City’s Open Data – the Open Data Portal. Today, there are over 1,100+ data sets available via NYC OpenData – with new data added every day. Available data spans the full range of City operations, including cultural affairs, education, health, housing, property, public safety, social services, transportation, and more. High value data unlocked in 2012-2013 includes: PLUTO & mapPLUTO, MMR & PMMR Indicators, Building Permit Information, TLC Licensed Drivers, and more. These data power other initiatives like the NYC BigApps competition and the work of the Mayor’s Office of Data Analytics, and pave the way for new initiatives to use technology and data to engage the public, guide decision-making and make government more effective.

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Broadband Access & Broadband Deployment

New York City is implementing several complementary programs to increase broadband adoption. This multi-pronged approach focuses on: 1) attaining grants and federal funding to offset costs for consumers in need, 2) working with private partners, particularly existing cable franchisees, to increase access to broadband services offered and 3) designing and executing a comprehensive, citywide broadband strategy.

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The City supports several online forums where the public can share information and ideas with City agencies on key topics that affect New Yorkers. These tools enable collaboration and connections to create solutions amongst stakeholders. Learn more about two key forums: NYCShare to Change By Us NYC.
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