Innovation: Broadband

The City is using innovative technologies to expand broadband connectivity and bolster the City's growing tech sector.

NYC MicroTrenching Program
Microtrenching is the process of installing small conduits within the edges of the sidewalk to house fiber optic cabling. A quick, low-impact deployment method, fiber optic cabling is inserted into a small slot-cut trench without damaging or disrupting existing infrastructure. DoITT and the Department of Transportation have amended their rules to allow microtrenching. Read the microtrenching rules. Telecommunications providers interested in installing fiber using microtrenched conduit should complete the microtrenching application form and review DoITT's microtrenching requirements.


  • Expands and improves the City's fiber optic broadband access.
  • Quick deployment with minimal disruption to street and roadway traffic.
  • Minimal interference with public utility infrastructure, and cost effective.
  • Excess capacity provided by the installed systems - at least four pathways on low-density residential blocks and six pathways in other areas - will be available for use by City agencies and other communications industry providers.

Trenching vs Microtrenching