The Future of Public Pay Telephones: Payphone WiFi

Using existing payphone infrastructure, the City of New York has teamed up with private partners to provide free WiFi service at public payphone kiosks across the five boroughs at no cost to taxpayers. Access is currently available at more than 20 locations, with additional hotspots to come. New Yorkers and visitors will be able connect, absolutely free-of-charge, using their smartphones, tablets, and other WiFi-enabled devices.




Staten Island



931 Westchester Ave

30-94 Steinway St

3901 Richmond Ave

545 Albee Square

402 West Broadway

850 Longwood Ave

90-13 Roosevelt Ave


378 Myrtle Ave

458 Seventh Ave

985 Bruckner Blvd

103-02 Roosevelt Ave


304 5th Ave

28 West 48th St





410 Madison Ave





1609 Broadway





1790 Broadway





1741 Broadway





2061 Broadway





112 W. 67th St





2878 Broadway





4220 Broadway





80 1st Avenue





62 9th Avenue





160 Wadsworth Ave





460 Park Ave South





1398 St. Nicholas Ave





2227 Broadway

The expected radius of WiFi service ranges between 100-200 feet from each kiosk. Additional locations will be launched soon.

Get Connected: Access the Internet from the Sidewalk
1. Select a "Free WiFi/NYC Free Public WiFi" hotspot with your device
2. Accept the Terms and Conditions/Click 'Get Online Now'
3. Start browsing!
For connection assistance contact 311 – online, by phone, or by text at "311-692."

The WiFi Hotspots Project seeks to accomplish the following goals:

  • Demonstrate the feasibility of a citywide WiFi plan utilizing the phone kiosk infrastructure
  • Support the Administration's goal of making New York City the world's leading digital city
  • Show the demand for WiFi services through various parts of the City
  • Connect people and communities citywide
  • Enhance the value of the City's public payphones

Quick Facts

  • Currently there are approximately 10,000 DoITT-regulated public payphone kiosks on the City's sidewalks.
  • DoITT regulates most of the City's outdoor, curbside public pay telephones (excluding phones that are attached to subway stations, handled by the Metropolitan  Transportation Authority, and payphones installed on private property).
  • The WiFi Hotspot Project has no additional cost to the City or the public. Payphone Franchisees absorb the full expense, including equipment and installation, management, monitoring and authentication services, as well as customer service.
  • No personal information will be gathered and no advertising or promotions will be presented during the Project's trial period.
  • In 1999, DoITT entered into a number of franchise contracts for the installation, maintenance,  and operation of public payphones on City sidewalks. These agreements will expire on October  15, 2014.
  • The City is planning additional pilot programs in existing payphone locations across the five boroughs to offer enhanced digital services to New Yorkers and visitors.

Learn More

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Questions? Contact

  • NYC DoITT: 646-769-2027/@NYCDoITT
  • Van Wagner Communications: 212-699-8400
  • Titan: 212-644-6200
  • Telebeam: 718-706-1111