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Significant DOI Cases

DOI remains the City's watchdog when it comes to malfeasance and fraud. The agency's jurisdiction is broad and includes any agency, officer, elected official or employee of the City and anyone who does business with or receives benefits from the City. Here are just a few of DOI's high-impact corruption cases:

May 2012 - Report on Pension Fraud (in PDF)

March 2012 - Investigation of Seedco's Workforce Center Contracts with the New York City Department of Small Business Services (in PDF)

June 2011 - Investigation into Allegations of Possible Slowdown by Department of Sanitation During Blizzard of December 2010 (in PDF)

June 2009 - DOI's Investigation into the Circumstances Surrounding the Death of Esmin Green (in PDF)

June 2009 - Investigation of Administrative Issues Relating to the Fatal Fire of August 18, 2007 at 130 Liberty Street (in PDF)

August 2007 - A DOI Investigation of Eleven Child Fatalities and One Near Fatality (ACS Report) (in PDF)

April 2007 - DOI's Findings and Recommendations on the DOHMH Inspection of the KFC-Taco Bell on February 22, 2007 (in PDF)

January 2007 - DOI Report on the Use by FDNY Members of Bogus Degrees Issued by St. Regis University (in PDF)

September 2006 - DOI's Findings Regarding Fraud and Financial Mismanagement at the Gloria Wise Boys and Girls Club (in PDF)

February 2006 - Announcement of Indictment on the Theft of Human Tissue (in PDF)

December 2005 - Two City Employees Arrested for Bilking Government of Millions in 9/11 Financial Aid (in PDF)

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