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Press Releases

The following Press Releases are provided in Portable Document format (PDF) that are read by the Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have Acrobat Reader installed in your computer yet, please download and install it first, then come back to this page and open the document you want to read. For more information about how to get a free copy of the Acrobat Reader or have question about how to install it, click here for help.

JUNE '03

June 2, 2003:
DOI Appoints 71 'Pro Bono' Summer Interns

June 3, 2003:
Contract Water Sprinkler Inspector Arrested for Falsifying 49 Inspection Reports at NYPD Facilities

June 4, 2003:
Union Officials, Contractor Indicted for Labor Bribery Scheme

June 6, 2003:
Temp Agency Clerk Arrested for Stealing from Chase Bank

June 10, 2003:
Five Individuals Charged in $77,000 Housing and Welfare Fraud in The Bronx

June 10, 2003:
DOI Arrests Former Summer Camp Director for Theft of City Funds

June 17, 2003:
Former New York City Councilman Sentenced in Extortion Scheme

June 17, 2003:
Assistant Deputy Wardens and Two Other Department of Correction Employees Charged in the Theft of Artwork by Salvador Dali

June 19, 2003:
New York City Housing Authority Tenant Tries
to Pay Rent with $2,000 Counterfeit Check

June 19, 2003:
NYCHA Section 8 Tenant Opens a Calling Card Account and Charges NYCHA More Than $1,000

June 25, 2003:
EMT Arrested for Trying to Steal $600 from Patient

June 27, 2003:
Four Individuals Charged in $79,000 Housing Fraud

June 30, 2003:
DOI Arrests Man for Filing Forged Documents

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