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Press Releases

The following Press Releases are provided in Portable Document format (PDF) that are read by the Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have Acrobat Reader installed in your computer yet, please download and install it first, then come back to this page and open the document you want to read. For more information about how to get a free copy of the Acrobat Reader or have question about how to install it, click here for help.


April 05, 2000:
Queens ECB AIDE Arrested in DOI Bribery "Sting"

April 05, 2000:
Manhattan Travel Agent Charged in Parking Ticket Scam

April 05, 2000:
District Attorney - New York County

April 06, 2000:
DOI Arrests Two Plaintiffs for Perjury in Tort Fraud Crackdown -Lied In Suits Against City To Obtain Multimillion Dollar Judgement-

April 07, 2000:
Three NYCHA Borough Chiefs Plead Guilty to Bribery -Took $20,000 In Payoffs From Contractors To Approve Inflated Change Order - And Ignore Environmental Test

April 10, 2000:
DOI Arrest L. I. Painting Contractor for Forging NYCHA Bid Bond

April 11, 2000:
East Harlem Man Arrested in $21,000 Counterfeit City Check Scam

April 11, 2000:
Queens-based Construction Firm Owner Pleads Guilty to Charges Involving Million Dollar Wage Fraud on New York City Contracts and Attempted Transportation of $300,000 in Cash Out of the United States

April 18, 2000:
Civic Center Parking Garage Manager Charged with $110,000 Theft

April 21, 2000:
Graphic Designer Charged with Forging $1,000 Parking Receipt

April 24, 2000:
Ex-city School Teacher Charged in $42,000 NYCHA Rent Fraud

April 26, 2000:
DOI Arrests Brooklyn Grand Jury Clerk in $700 Internet Theft

April 26, 2000:
Three Bronx Women Arrested in Counterfeit City Check Scam

April 27, 2000:
Bronx Housing Inspector arrested in DOI Payoff "Sting"

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