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Job Opportunities

- Associate Commissioner (DOI Investigations Division)
- Auditor (DOI Not for Profit Unit) 
- Clerical Associate (OIGNYPD)
- Data Analyst (OIGNYPD)
- Director of Analysis and Evaluations (OIGNYPD)
- Director of Community Outreach (OIGNYPD)
- Examining Attorney Deputy General Counsel (DOI)
- Examining Attorney (OIGNYPD)
- Executive Assistant (OIGNYPD)
- Human Resources Manager (DOI Administration)
- Inspector General (DOI Investigations Division)
- Investigator (OIGNYPD)
- Policy Analyst (OIGNYPD)
- Press Officer (DOI Press Office)
- Senior Investigator (OIGNYPD)
- Senior Policy Manager (OIGNYPD)
- Senior Special Investigator (DOI Investigations Division)
- Special Investigator (DOI Investigations Division)
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