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Corruption Prevention Lectures

DOI began an organized lecture program in 2002 as part of a proactive effort to encourage people to report corruption and to serve as a deterrent. This lecture program is designed for City employees in all City agencies as well as individuals who do business with the City. One of its successes includes DOI receiving corruption complaints and tips following the lectures, some of which have resulted in significant criminal cases. For example, following a tip received from a lecture held at the Department of Environmental Protection ("DEP"), DOI initiated an investigation that culminated in the arrest of three DEP employees on illegal gun sale charges (in PDF ). DOI is committed to this outreach effort to ensure that City employees are aware of their obligation to report corruption to DOI and their right to be protected when doing so. The result: DOI Inspectors General have waged a consistent and targeted educational campaign, presenting more than 5,500 corruption prevention lectures since 2002 to thousands of City employees and contractors.

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