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Instructions to Complete the Questionnaire:

The attached .PDF version of the Background Investigation Questionnaire provides the ability to complete the form using a computer.  It is advisable that when you first open the .PDF document you name and save a copy on your computer and do all your work in that document.  You may complete the form in several sessions and save your entries in the document as you work and also at the end of each session.  Prior to printing and submitting your finalized document, you must review it for accuracy and sign and have notarized the certification and signature page.

PC Users: 
In order to complete the attached Background Investigation Questionnaire your computer must have Adobe Reader version 9.0 or greater. If the version on your computer is older then 9.0, you must download the latest version FREE from the link below.  IF YOU DO NOT USE THIS VERSION, YOUR WORK WILL NOT BE SAVED.

Macintosh Users:
This document needs to be completed in Adobe Reader version 9 or greater if you wish to successfully complete the form on your Mac.  Preview, the default .PDF reader on a Mac, will NOT save and process this form correctly.  IF YOU DO NOT USE ADOBE READER 9.0 OR GREATER, YOUR WORK WILL NOT BE SAVED.   Additionally, please take care not to open and save a half completed questionnaire in Preview after having worked with it in Adobe Reader.  You will loose the information you entered into the document and will have to complete it again.  It may assist you to allow Adobe Reader to be the default .PDF reader on your Mac.

Background Investigation Questionnaire (in PDF)

Get the latest version of Adobe Reader (Free)
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