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Message from the Commissioner

Welcome to the website of the New York City Department of Investigation (DOI), the City’s anti-corruption watchdog.

DOI is among the oldest law enforcement agencies in the country, established in 1873 in the wake of the Boss Tweed scandal that skimmed millions of dollars from the City. The agency’s role is unique among law enforcement agencies because of its holistic approach to fighting corruption, which weakens the effective, efficient operation of City government and can undermine access to City services.

DOI strengthens New York City government. Its mission is to:
  • follow the facts to expose and stop corruption and fraud through investigations and arrests;
  • identify and fix potential corruption hazards;
  • educate City employees and vendors about their mandate to report corruption, and the protections afforded to them when they do contact DOI;
  • raise public awareness about DOI and corruption matters; and
  • ensure every effort is made to recover stolen public funds uncovered in DOI investigations.

DOI has oversight of more than 300,000 City employees in 45 City agencies, dozens of Boards and Commissions, the Office of the Special Commissioner of Investigation of the New York City School District, which monitors the Department of Education’s 135,000 employees; the Office of the Inspector General for the New York City Housing Authority; and the Office of the Inspector General for the New York City Police Department.

On this site you can find helpful information about how to report corruption to DOI (click here to report corruption), and the spectrum of investigations the agency conducts. DOI's jurisdiction is broad and includes investigating and referring for prosecution cases of fraud, corruption and unethical conduct by City employees, contractors, and others who receive City money. We are also charged with studying agency procedures to identify corruption hazards and recommending improvements in order to reduce the City's vulnerability to fraud, waste and corruption. We investigate backgrounds of individuals selected to work in decision-making or sensitive City jobs, and DOI is part of the vetting of City vendors who are awarded contracts of $100,000 or more, so City agencies can determine if vendors are responsible.

The agency’s mission remains true to its 140-year legacy: find and stop the corruption and fraud, safeguard taxpayer dollars, and strengthen weaknesses in City processes uncovered by DOI investigations.

DOI continues to go where the cases and evidence take us, without fear or favor.

- DOI Commissioner Mark G. Peters

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