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DOI History

One of the oldest law enforcement agencies in the country, dating over 140 years, DOI is a unique office charged with the task of rooting out and preventing municipal corruption within the City of New York.  Often considered the City's "watchdog," DOI has had to re-define itself many times in order to combat the ever-changing forms of corruption.

Learn more about DOI's history by clicking on the timeline links below:
The Early Years: 1873 - 1933
DOI as Watchdog: 1934-1977
Reorganization and Whistleblowers: 1978 - 1999
Getting the Worms Out of the Big Apple: 2000 - present


Weekly dated November 25, 1871 announcing the end of the Tammany Hall corruption. Click on image to view full size.
Harper's Weekly dated November 25, 1871,
announcing the end of Tammany Hall corruption.
(Click on image to view full size.)

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