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  By the NYC Health Commissioner
  9/11-Affected People
  Healthcare Professionals

9/11 Health - Links - 9-11 Organizations


9/11 Environmental Action
What Is Provided: Advocacy on environmental issues and health needs related to 9/11 clean-up, demolition, and reconstruction
For Whom:   First responders, residents, students, and workers affected by 9/11
Contact:    Visit


9/11 Healing and Rembrance
What Is Provided: Resources to foster healing through information and support to those affected by the events of 9-11
For Whom:   Survivors of the 9/11 attacks, especially those who lost family members
Contact:    Call 1-866-212-0444 or visit


9/11 Health Watch
What Is Provided: Zadroga Act advocacy
For Whom:   9/11 responders and survivors
Contact:    Call (518) 436-8516 or email


9/11 National Day of Service 
What Is Provided: Volunteer service projects in observance of 9/11
For Whom:   Those affected by 9/11 interested in volunteering


9/11 Police Aid Foundation

What Is Provided: Support, education and relief
For Whom:   Police officers with an injury or disability due to 9/11, and their families
Contact:    Call (866) WTC-1013 or visit


The 9/11 Together We Stand Mentoring Program 
What Is Provided: Mentoring
For Whom:   Children 6 to 17 years of age who reside in any borough of NYC and lost a parent or relative on 9/11
Contact:    Lilli Goldberg at (212) 686-2042, x269 or email
Other Languages:    Spanish


Beyond Ground Zero/Chinese Staff and Workers Association, Inc.
What Is Provided: Advocacy for the rights of low-income workers affected by the WTC Attacks
For Whom:   Anyone affected by the WTC attacks
Contact:    Call (212) 358-0295 and (212) 619-7979 (Chinese)
Other Languages:    Cantonese, Mandarin, Polish, and Spanish


Families of September 11, Inc
What Is Provided: Offers information, promotes resiliency, and raises awareness on behalf of members
For Whom:   Families who lost loved ones on 9/11 and anyone else affected by the WTC disaster
Contact:    Visit or


September 11th Families Association
What Is Provided: Information, advocacy and support to 9/11 families; also operates the Tribute WTC Visitor Center near Ground Zero in lower Manhattan
For Whom:   Individuals and families who lost a loved one on 9/11
Contact:    Call (212) 422-3520 or visit


Tuesday’s Children
What Is Provided: Educational and career guidance, mentoring, wellness and parenting workshops
For Whom:   Families of 9/11 victims
Contact:    Call 516-562-9000 or visit 


Tuesday’s Children: First Responder Alliance
What Is Provided: Family-oriented events, career guidance, counseling, health and wellness and more, at no cost
For Whom:   9/11 rescue and recovery workers
Contact:    Call 516-562-9001 or visit 


Voices of September 11th
What Is Provided: Resources, support services, advocacy, and mental health programs
For Whom:   Anyone affected by 9/11 with particular emphasis on 9/11 families,
survivors, rescue, and recovery workers
Contact:    Call (866) 505-3911 or visit


Where to Turn
What Is Provided: Information, referral, and crisis relief services for victims during the recovery process
For Whom:   Victims of any tragedy
Contact:    Call (718) 966-6531 or visit


World Trade Center Rescuers Foundation

What Is Provided: Connects rescue workers with health & financial resources
For Whom:   Anyone involved in 9/11 rescue & recovery operations
Contact:    Contact: Call (718) 204-6361 or visit


World Trade Center United Family Group
What Is Provided: Mutual support, promotion of civic participation, and protection of the legacy and memory of the September 11th victims
For Whom:   September 11th families, survivors, and rescue workers
Contact:    Call (732) 292-2910 or visit


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