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  Why the Registry is Important
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About the Registry

Why the Registry Is Important

The Registry monitors the health of people exposed to the WTC disaster through periodic health surveys. By looking at responses to health questions over time, and matching the information to other health registries, much can be learned about the long-term health effects of 9/11.

Health registries have been set up following disasters, such as the Oklahoma City bombing of 1995. They are valuable tools that allow health professionals to track and investigate possible trends in illness and recovery, and to help create guidelines that can save lives and reduce injuries in future disaster settings.

By enrolling in the Registry and participating in follow-up health surveys, enrollees will:

  • Make a valuable contribution to understanding the long-term health effects of 9/11.
  • Through the information provided, help create guidelines that can save lives and reduce injuries in future disasters.
  • Receive information about other 9/11-related health studies and programs.

When the Registry was being established, the Health Department and ATSDR convened a panel of experts to examine the experience of other environmental and post-disaster registries.  Read the meeting summary PDF Document (Reader Required; Click to Download).


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