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  By the NYC Health Commissioner
  9/11-Affected People
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9/11 Health - News and Events - 9-11 Worker Protection Task Force Interim Report

House of Representatives Allocates an Additional $70.7 Million for 9/11 Health Programs
July 27, 2009

Similar to President Obama's initial budget proposal, which was released back in May, the House of Representatives budget PDF Document (Reader Required; Click to Download) (HR 3293) for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services includes more than $70 million in new funding for the medical screening and treatment of people affected by 9/11.

"By including over $70 million in funding for 9/11 health programs, the House has once again recognized the importance of addressing the health impacts the September 11 World Trade Center terrorist attacks," said Mayor Bloomberg. “"his critical funding, first proposed in the White House budget, will be used to care for first responders, community members and others who are sick. These appropriations are vital to keep current programming going, but they do not replace the need for a long-term national commitment to address this problem. It is more pressing than ever for Congress to pass legislation establishing a long-term WTC medical monitoring and treatment program."

In its report PDF Document (Reader Required; Click to Download) to Congress, the House Committee on Appropriations expressed concerns about the limitations of certain aspects of the current WTC medical screening and treatment programs. The Committee urged the expansion of 9/11-related services to include further outreach to all eligible individuals, expanded benefits counseling services to those already enrolled in the various programs and the continued funding of the WTC Health Registry. The House of Representatives, the Senate and the White House will begin budget negotiations once the Congressional summer recess is over in September.



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