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  By the NYC Health Commissioner
  9/11-Affected People
  Healthcare Professionals

9/11 Health - News and Events - 9-11 Worker Protection Task Force Interim Report

Health Department Releases Clinical Guidelines for Treating Children Exposed to 9/11
July 7, 2009

The Health Department recently released clinical guidelines PDF Document (Reader Required; Click to Download) for health care providers on how to treat children and adolescents exposed to the WTC disaster. The guidelines were written and reviewed in collaboration with external researchers and clinical advisors. Drafts were also shared with community representatives for input.

The guidelines describe the exposures and health effects of 9/11 in children and provide information about pediatric environmental health and mental health.

The publication will help providers in identifying, evaluating and treating pediatric patients with potential WTC-related physical or mental health conditions. It also includes information about referral resources for medical and mental health symptoms related to the WTC disaster, such as the WTC Environmental Health Center at Bellevue Hospital Center.

The guidelines were emailed to nearly 21,000 City Health Information subscribers and are being mailed to more than 33,000 doctors, nurses, psychologists and other providers citywide.


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