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  By the NYC Health Commissioner
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9/11 Health - News and Events - 9-11 Worker Protection Task Force Interim Report

Tribute Center Seeks Volunteers
April 28, 2009

The Tribute World Trade Center (WTC) Visitor Center, opposite Ground Zero, is seeking volunteers directly affected by 9/11 to lead guided walks of the WTC site and to share their personal stories. Tribute Center volunteers have found it therapeutic to tell their stories and share their perspectives of the events with visitors to the site.

The Tribute Center offers a place where those affected by the WTC disaster can connect with other people from the 9/11 community. Through walking tours, exhibits and programs, the Center offers "Person to Person History," connecting visitors with people directly impacted by the 2001 and 1993 attacks.

With more than one million visitors since its September 2006 opening, the Tribute Center puts a human face to the broad impact of 9/11.

To learn more about volunteering at the Tribute Center, contact Tracy Grosner, Volunteer Program Coordinator, at (212) 422-3520, ext. 112 or, or visit


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