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Sexual Health & Pregnancy

teen speakCheck out what teens have to say about sexual health Other languages: [En Español] [Français] [عربي].
Some things to consider
Listen to some real teen mothers and fathers talk about what it's like to have a baby. Read some stories from teen parents and see if their experiences are what you thought they would be. Do you know the facts? Find out the real deal on teen pregnancy.

Whether you’re having sex or not, it's important to check out:
teen face Whether you call them STIs or STDs, what are the sexually transmitted infections
you might get if you're having sex?

Which methods of preventing pregnancy can protect you from STDs? Did you know there are free & low-cost sexual health clinics in every borough of New York that can help teens with these questions? You can watch a video and read about what to expect at the clinic before you even get there.

More stuff you should know about:

  • Taking Care of Your Sexual Health (PDF)

  • HPV vaccine to prevent cervical cancer (PDF)

  • Emergency contraception after sex without a condom
  • :

    You Have the Right
    Teens in New York State have a legal right to get sexual health services (STI tests, birth control, etc.) without the permission or knowledge of parents, guardians, boyfriends, girlfriends, relatives or anyone else. These services are available for free or low cost at many clinics. Call 311 to find out where.

    More Resources
    teen girl at computer Call 311 (Where to go for STI tests, pregnancy tests, birth control, etc, plus other referrals and information about NYC)

    Call 800-621-HOPE (For help with sexual assault, rape, or domestic violence)
    • Teenwire
    • : Resources and information from Planned Parenthood

    • Sex Etc.: Got questions?
      Sex, etc. has the answers.

    • Scarleteen: Answers to the questions you might ask about your sexual health & more

    • Pregnancy & Baby Care: information and services available for New York residents

    • Nurse-Family Partnership: a free nurse home-visiting program for first-time mothers and their children.

    • Planned Parenthood (NYC): Free and low-cost clinics regardless of immigration status

    • NYCLU Teen Health Initiative: Learn more about your rights

    • New Youth Connections: monthly magazine by and for
      NYC youth

    • Sauti Yetu : Our Voice: Sauti Yetu Center for African Women (SYCAW) is a not for profit organization linking social justice activism with academic scholarship to promote and protect the rights of African women and girls, dealing with matters such as genital cutting and violence against women.
    Teens in NYC have the right to sexual health services without getting permission from parents, girlfriends/boyfriends or anyone else. Click for the brochure.

    Health Bulletin #90: How to Prevent Pregnancy and Sexually Transmitted Infections