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Dating & Friends

Dating Violence
teen faceEvery couple has fights and arguments, and anyone can be nasty on a bad day. The difference is, abuse is a pattern—it keeps happening, and it usually gets worse. An abuser tries, sometimes without even knowing it, to control their girlfriend or boyfriend's life in every way. They use anything they can—words, their phone, money, the Internet, their fists—to make their boyfriend or girlfriend do what they want.

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Crisis Text Line: Free, 24/7 confidential texting available for all teens in NYC through Crisis Text Line (CTL): TEXT “GO” TO 741-741.

Nicole's Story
Nicole and Rob have been dating for seven months. He showed up just when Nicole needed support. But now she needs support to leave him.

Types of Abuse
Any time a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, or family member makes you feel scared, threatened, or under their power, they're being abusive.

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Warning Signs of Abuse
So how would you know if your best friend, teammate, or little sister were a victim of relationship abuse?

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