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Press Release
NYC Department of Health & Mental Hygiene
Office of Public Affairs
CONTACT: Sandra Mullin/Steven Herman
Friday, July 12, 2002
(212) 788-5290
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The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) today announced the most popular dog names and breeds in New York City for 2001, and reminded pet owners to license their dogs. The five most popular breeds remained largely unchanged from last year, with the Mixed breed at number one, and the Rottweiler and Pit Bull changing positions at second and third place respectively. The Shih Tzu finished just off the podium at number four, and the Labrador Retriever claimed the fifth spot, bouncing the German Shepherd out of the top five. This year the Chihuahua again cracked the top 10, perhaps as a result of continued interest in the spokesdog for a popular taco chain.

Similar to 2000, owners made Max the most popular dog name in New York City. Falling in rank behind Max were Rocky, Princess, Lucky, and Lady. Rocky replaced Lucky at number two, and Lucky fell to number four. Princess inched towards the throne moving from number four to three on the list. Lady refused to budge and held fast at number five. This year, sadly, Brandy, unlike her R & B singer counterpart, failed to make an appearance on to the top ten chart.

Assistant Commissioner for Veterinary and Pest Control Services, James Gibson, said, "The dogs that made our top ten list were eligible because they are licensed. In New York City, approximately 95,000 dogs are licensed every year. Licensing is essential to helping us monitor the City's animal population, protect animals from diseases, such as rabies, and assist in reuniting lost or stolen dogs with their owners. In addition to licensing dogs, New Yorkers should spay or neuter their pets to reduce the number of unwanted pets and the stray population in the City."

Dog license applications are available through the DOHMH Web site at or by phone (212) 676-2100. The information necessary for a license application includes the animal's name, age, color, gender and vaccination record; license certificates and dog tags are mailed to pet owners' homes. Once received, the tags must be attached to each dog's collar. While licensing costs only $8.50 per year (or $11.50 if your dog is not spayed or neutered), fines for unlicensed dogs can range from $200 to $2000. Owners should be aware that their dogs must be leashed in public (leashes should be no longer than six feet in length) as well as vaccinated against rabies.

NYC Most Popular Dog Names in 2001

1. Max
6. Buddy
2. Rocky
7. Daisy
3. Princess                             8. Ginger
4. Lucky
9. Buster
5. Lady
10. Sandy

Dog License
NYC Most Popular Dog Breeds in 2001

1. Mixed
6. Cocker Spaniel
2. Pit Bull
7. German Shepherd
3. Rottweiler
8. Chihuahua
4. Shih Tzu
9. Yorkshire Terrier
5. Lab Retriever            10. Maltese