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Press Releases

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Press Release
New York City Department of Health
Office of Public Affairs
CONTACT: Sandra Mullin/Greg Butler
Thursday, June 6, 2002
(212) 788-5290
(877) 640-1347


In over 1,200 inspections of CACC facilities between January 1995 and April 2002, the Department of Health (DOH) did not observe any evidence of the serious deficiencies – inhumane conditions or poor veterinary care – cited in the Comptroller's report, and therefore we disagree with the Comptroller's findings in this regard.

However, we agree with some aspects of the audit's findings, particularly with the need to increase adoptions. With a view to strengthening the overall performance of CACC, DOH has put a comprehensive plan in place to closely monitor CACC's services. These actions include the following:

  • In a contract to be renegotiated with CACC in July, DOH will include specific "best practice" outcomes. This will enable DOH to better monitor CACC performance, particularly in the area of increasing adoptions for animals that enter the CACC system:

    • By streamlining the adoption process.
    • By increased participation in community adoption events.
    • By utilization of the Internet as a means for facilitating adoptions.
  • DOH will work with CACC to develop a public education campaign on responsible dog ownership.
  • The City will review the membership of the CACC's board of directors with a view to strengthening it.
  • CACC comprehensive site assessments will be increased from 3 to 4 visits per year.
  • DOH will increase the frequency of unannounced inspections by veterinarians and public health sanitarians.

The City is currently working with the animal care community toward creating a productive public-private partnership that increases adoptions, promotes spay-neuter initiatives, educates the public about responsible pet ownership and helps the City achieve its overall goal of providing the highest level of animal care.