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Condom App

Monday, February 13, 2012
Health Department’s NYC Condom Finder Available on All Smartphones in Time for National Condom Awareness Day, Feb. 14
To commemorate National Condom Day, which happens to fall on Valentine’s Day, the Health Department will launch a NYC Condom mobile-enabled website, so more New Yorkers on the go can use smartphones to find free condoms and access sexual health information. The NYC Condom mobile website, which provides users with sexual health information, has been optimized for mobile phone screens and the NYC Condom Finder smartphone app will be able to be downloaded using Windows and Blackberry platforms. Viewers can learn about the importance of using condoms, how to use male and female condoms, and how to find free safer sex products, such as male and female condoms, in all five boroughs.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012
Health Department Announces 41% Drop in Deaths Among Black New Yorkers Living with HIV/AIDS
The Health Department announced that new HIV data shows a 41% drop in deaths among black persons living with HIV/AIDS between 2001 and 2010. Despite this progress, black New Yorkers – representing 25% of the New York City population – disproportionately accounted for almost half of all new HIV diagnoses (48%) in 2010, a proportion that has remained almost unchanged for the past 5 years. Blacks were, however, more likely than all other racial/ethnic groups in the City to have had an HIV test in the past 12 months. To commemorate the 12th annual National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day today, the Health Department reminds all New Yorkers who do not know their HIV status to get tested for HIV, take the necessary precautions to stay negative and protect their partners, and get into treatment if you are positive.

Cut Your Risk

Monday, January 9, 2012
Health Department Launches New Ad Campaign Spotlighting Increasing Portion Sizes and Their Devastating Consequences
The Health Department today launched a new hard-hitting ad campaign urging New Yorkers to be more aware of portion sizes - and how they have increased - when choosing what to eat or drink. The quantity of food served in a “medium” or “large” order is significantly greater than in previous years. In the last 50 years, for example, the serving sizes of sugary drinks quadrupled and french fries nearly tripled. With a few casual selections, a single meal could balloon to contain many more calories than the amount an adult needs for an entire day. This new campaign, along with the City’s ongoing requirement that chain restaurants post calorie counts, will continue to provide New Yorkers with the information they need to make healthier choices.  

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