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Developmental Disabilities

Information about NYC Services
Young man with Downs Syndrome working at computer There are many services for persons with intellectual/developmental disabilities. For children under 3 years of age, contact the Early Intervention program. For children ages 3 to 5, contact the Department of Education, Special Education Hotline at (718) 935-2007.
  • See NYC Services for a listing of clinics and associations providing services in New York City.

  • See City/State Government Contacts for regional offices of the NYS Office for People with Developmental Disabilities.

Call 311 for more information.

Types of Treatment Services

Work Readiness
Work readiness is an intensive pre-employment program for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities who are not ready for Supported Employment. The goal is to prepare individuals for employment.
Transitional Employment
Transitional employment offers opportunities to individuals whose primary interest is employment and who have the ability to move into the workplace with intensive but time-limited assistance lasting about 12 to 18 months.

Specialty Clinic
The specialty clinic offers a full range of primary care services for people with developmental disabilities and their families. Related services include: psychological testing; psychosocial evaluation; sibling counseling & support groups; nutritional counseling; and home care.
Socialization/Recreation Programs (Children & Adults)
Socialization and recreation programs offer a planned program of social, recreational, and leisure activities for individuals with developmental disabilities that includes opportunities to interact with and participate as part of a community.
Home Care
Home care services offer families who have family members living at home with developmental disabilities support on addressing behavioral and activities of daily living issues and concerns.
Adult Classroom Education
Adult classroom education programs provide in-classroom activities for individuals with developmental disabilities in various academic areas.
Counseling and Information/Referral programs
Counseling and information/referral programs offer services to parents, siblings, and care-givers, as well as to individuals with developmental disabilities. These services may be helpful for individuals and families who are looking to gain insight, resolve problems, develop alternate approaches to services, and to address other issues of concern.
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