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Overdose Prevention Resources for Providers


Call 311 for more information or to order.

  • Overdose Video and Slide Show: Slideshow with audio that introduces overdose epidemiology, overdose risk, signs and symptoms, and response using naloxone. Includes 12-minute instructional video by DOHMH.

  • Intranasal (IN) Naloxone Order Form: to be filled out when ordering intranasal (IN) naloxone with mucosal atomizer device (nose piece)

  • Naloxone Kit Requirements: How do you put together your overdose rescue kit? These brief instructions tell you what contents and how many of each to put in an intramuscular (IM) naloxone kit and an intranasal (IN) naloxone kit.

  • Infographic Instructions [Spanish]: these illustrations, with text in both English and Spanish, demonstrate how to assemble an intranasal (IN) naloxone kit.

  • Opioid Overdose Responder Training: a sample PowerPoint presentation that programs can use when training responders in overdose prevention. It includes causes and risk factors for an overdose, how to recognize an overdose, and the steps to take in order
    to reverse an overdose.

  • NYC DOHMH IN Naloxone Protocol: NYC DOHMH protocol for programs prescribing, dispensing, and reporting on intranasal (IN) naloxone

  • Memorandum of Agreement: Program agreement for programs that receive and dispense intranasal (IN) naloxone received from NYC DOHMH 

NYC DOHMH Literature:
  • NYC Syringe Exchange Program Schedule
    (Download here)

  • Prevent Drug Overdose Palm Cards
    (To order, call 311)

Call 311 to order to order the following Health Bulletins:

Fax (518) 465-0432 to order the following:

  • Be Aware, Don't Share

  • How to Safely Dispose of Household Sharps