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hiv advertisement Medications now enable people with HIV to live longer and healthier lives. But not all New Yorkers living with HIV are fully benefiting from antiretroviral treatment and supportive care. Each year, nearly 1,000 people in NYC don't find out they are HIV positive until they are already sick with AIDS.

People who start antiretroviral treatment when they are already sick with AIDS tend to have poorer health outcomes than those who start earlier. And people who don't know they have HIV may unknowingly spread the virus to others.


Antiretroviral Therapy
The Health Department now recommends offering antiretroviral treatment (ART) to any person living with HIV, regardless of the person’s CD4 cell count. The recommendation is based on evidence that ART can improve the health of people living with HIV and that ART can prevent transmission of HIV from an HIV-infected person to an uninfected sexual partner.


Resources for Providers