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What To Expect at a Visit to an HIV/STD Clinic

HIV Counseling and Rapid HIV Testing are offered at these clinics. You have the option to test confidentially or anonymously for HIV testing only. The results of confidential testing are given to the patient in writing which would be necessary for follow-up medical care.

Anonymous testing results are not linked to a person's name but a patient does have the option of converting his or her results to a confidential status if desired. To further understand the benefits of each, speak with one of our staff or call the DOHMH Call Center (1-800-825-5448).

► See a list of STD Clinics.

You should eat before your clinic visit— it is not necessary to fast before testing.

  • Forms: You will be asked to fill out a form with information about yourself and your reasons for
    coming to the clinic. Persons in need of primary care (including a routine STD Checkup) will be referred to low/no cost services.

    Your form will have a number and you will be called by that number throughout your clinic visit to ensure your confidentiality.

  • Confidentiality: Your medical records are confidential, meaning no one has access to them except authorized Health Department personnel.

  • Triage and Registration: During registration, you will be called and seen by triage staff and then a registration clerk. Please give all the information about your health and medical history so that we can provide you with the best medical and counseling services.

  • Exam: During the medical exam, a clinician will take specimens, some of which will be tested at our on-site lab. A microbiologist will perform the lab tests and share the results with your doctor.

    If indicated by those results, you will receive medication before you depart the clinic.

  • Lab tests: Some specimens though may be sent to an outside lab for testing. The clinic staff will let you know how and when to get those results so you can come in for additional treatment and follow-up if required.

    For test results within NYC please call 347-396-7959

    If calling outside NYC please call 1-877-364-8191

    For test results using the automated line call 1-866-934-8693

    For test results via the web log onto For more information on AIDS/HIV and other Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Call 311.

Hepatitis vaccinations: For further information on obtaining hepatitis vaccinations please visit the NYC Department of Health's Immunization Walk-in Clinics to find one located near you.