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Where to get PrEP and PEP in New York City

PrEP and PEP can help you stay HIV-negative. Both are available throughout New York City.

Below is a list of clinics that have experience providing PrEP and PEP.

How do I start treatment?
How do I pay for PrEP or PEP?
In New York, many insurance plans, including Medicaid, cover PrEP and PEP.
What if I don’t have health insurance?
  • PrEP: Having health insurance is the easiest way to pay for PrEP. For help getting Medicaid or low-cost insurance, call an NYC Health Department Enroller at 718-953-8234 or call 311. You may also be eligible for a patient assistance program to help uninsured patients pay for PrEP. Your doctor or nurse can help you apply.
  • PEP: Select clinics provide PEP free of charge to persons without insurance. Eligible patients include but are not limited to gay and bisexual men and transgender persons.
    • Clinics listed below with a * can help uninsured persons get PEP and other sexual health services free of charge.
    • Free and confidential STD clinics listed below with a ** can provide a three-day PEP starter pack regardless of insurance status. Check here for eligibility. The STD clinic will refer you to another clinic to receive the rest of the 28 days of PEP medication.
Clinics with Experience Providing PrEP and/or PEP