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HIV Testing Law and CDC Recommendations

HIV Testing

- Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

- New York City Health Department STD Clinics

- New York State HIV Hotline:

English: 800-872-2777
Spanish: 800-233-7432
TDD: 800-369-2437

- Basic HIV Testing Information

HIV Positive

- New York City HIV Care Coordination Programs

- New York State Provider Report Form: 518-474-4284

- Partner/Contact Notification:

    In New York City: 212-693-1419
    Outside New York City: 800-541-AIDS (2347)

- Designated AIDS Centers: 518-486-1383

- AIDS Drug Assistance Program: 800-542-2437

- HIV Training for Health Care Providers:

    In New York City:
    Bureau of HIV/AIDS Prevention & Control
    Training — Technical Assistance Program (T-TAP): 347-396-7701:
    Bureau of STD Control Region II STD/HIV Prevention Training Center: 
    AIDS Education & Training Center

    In New York State: 518-474-9866 or 800-233-5075

- Information for people diagnosed with HIV: HIV/AIDS Basics

- Mental Health Support

    Call 311 or LifeNet: 800-LIFENET (800-543-3638) or 877-AYUDESE (Spanish)

- Contact Notification Assistance Program (CNAP) Informational Card

- New York City Domestic Violence Hotline:

800-621-HOPE (4673) or call 311
TDD: 866-604-5350

- New York State Department of Health Living with HIV/AIDS Website

- New York State Health Department HIV publications order form (PDF)

- NYC Gay and Lesbian Anti-Violence Project Hotline: 212-714-1141

- Legal Action Center for HIV-related concerns:

212-243-1313 or 800-223-4044

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HIV Prevention

- NYC Health Bulletins: Call 311 to order hard copies.

- New York City Health Department: HIV/AIDS information

- NYC Condom Facebook Page

- United States Department of Health and Human Services

- Urban Coalition for HIV/AIDS Prevention Services

- National Alliance of State & Territorial AIDS Directors

- National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

- HIV Prevention Trials Network

- HIV Vaccine Trials Network

- Microbicide Trials Network

- National Center for HIV/AIDS Viral Hepatitis STD and TB Prevention Prevention Is Care: Being Safe Patient Brochure (PDF)

- New York State Department of Health - HIV/AIDS Educational Materials

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Last Updated 1/28/13