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HIV Testing Law and CDC Recommendations

As of September 1, 2010, New York State legislation amending the public health
law, Article 27F, requires the routine offer of an HIV test to all patients, ages 13 to 64, in primary care settings, emergency departments and inpatient settings, with limited exceptions.

This legislation (Ch. 308 of the Laws of 2010) makes routine HIV screening a reality in New York. New York State now joins more than 40 other states in taking steps to adopt the CDC's 2006 recommendations for routine HIV screening of all individuals aged 13 to 64 in health care settings.

► Learn more about the NYS HIV testing legislation.

In September 2006, CDC revised its recommendations and called for HIV screening to become a routine part of health care for people ages 13-64 in clinical settings where the prevalence of HIV is at least 0.1%.

CDC recommendations for HIV testing:
NYS Public Health Law Article 27-F

NYS Public Health Law Article 21

Last Updated 11/16/11