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Getting Started: Offering HIV Testing

The Resources below can assist providers with:

  • Achieving routine HIV screening at your site
  • Launching a “rapid” HIV testing program at appropriate sites
What kinds of training on HIV testing and routine screening are available through the NYC Health Department?
The agency provides technical assistance to healthcare facilities, clinical providers and community based organizations that are considering implementing HIV testing. Technical assistance includes:

  • Learning to incorporate the use of multi-platform analyzers
  • Applying for a CLIA waiver for point-of-care HIV testing
  • Providing Information about HIV testing products
  • Assisting with developing quality assurance protocols
  • Training staff on QA/hands-on practice and regulatory aspects
  • Assisting with logistical/operational issues
  • Assistance with billing/reimbursement questions

If you would like technical assistance on routine HIV screening, call the HIV Testing Unit at 347-396-7694

How do I start a “rapid” testing program at my clinic?
The following links provide guidance on the steps you will need to take to implement a point-of-care testing program.

If you have additional questions about implementing a rapid testing program, please call the Bureau’s HIV Testing Unit at 347-396-7694

What screening test should I use for “rapid” testing at my clinic?

The following links provide technical information on FDA-approved point-of-care HIV antibody screening tests:

More Resources

Last Updated 11/22/11