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HIV Care Status Reports

Sharing of limited individual level data from NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene’s HIV registry with that person's clinical provider coming in 2014.

A recent change in New York State regulations [NYS RR Feb 2012] pertaining to the use of HIV public health surveillance data has enabled a limited amount of patient-specific data to be disclosed to that individual’s clinical provider regarding the overall care status of a person living with HIV.

The overall care status will be determined by using HIV-related laboratory data reported to the NYC HIV registry as a proxy for HIV medical care. More specific information related to the receipt of medical care cannot be disclosed to providers which includes any of the following: site/facility/clinic where care was received, date of the last laboratory report, or vital status.

A web-based application is being created to handle the exchange of confidential HIV-related information between the Health Department and NYC providers. More details will be made available once a formal launch date is set.

If you have specific questions regarding this project that have not been addressed here, please contact